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China mayor not only encouraging people to significantly increase their exposure to china which makes absolutely no sense given given the level of fraud that we've seen out many of these chinese companies given the fact that the chinese communist party has been extracting quote unquote donations from public companies. And and really you know has the final say But they've also curious timing here this is. This is very suspect. But they've also gotten from china the mandates to be able to sell mutual funds into china which we know china does not do unless. There's some benefits so it's something to definitely keep an eye on and my biggest concern which i'm sure we'll talk about again. One day has a trojan horse. How do they get away to extract more money and wealth from americans into china via these these sort of vehicles and and kind of. Oh you're gonna. We're gonna open up chinese investment opportunities but then we're going to shut down the company and take it away or we're going to make the chinese individuals rich have them by assets in america and they're going to come back to the china's communist party so keep an eye on this. I do have to ask the question to this there. I read something that there was the The bear stearns of china is going under. There is a problem and and it looks like they're china may be in real trouble with their economy. Is that true so i. I haven't read about this specific company and now of course i have some homework to do. But you're china from an economic standpoint has a lot of issues not only because their numbers have been untrustworthy and they've been putting out a lot of fraudulent information but their demographics are a mess in terms of the percentage of their population. That is going to be over sixty five and needing to have care shifting and then in the coming sort of five to ten years is going to completely change and put a lot of pressure on their economy and their one child policy. is really going to come back to bite them in the you know what So they really are. They're not coming from a position of strength and when communist aren't coming from a position of strength it's something we all need to keep an eye out carol. Ross the author of the war on small business a must read. If you wanna understand what tomorrow is going to look like and why it's gonna look like that especially if you're in small business or you just believe in i don't know the free market the war on small business by carol. Roth thank you. Carol appreciate it. This is the best of the glenn beck program. I want you to name the president that said this. It could be anybody. The eyes of the nation are in california. Because the decision you're going to make is just gonna have a huge impact on california. It's going to reverberate around the nation and quite frankly not a joke around the world..

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