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There's the F B I investigation. There's the alleged knowing that there was one hundred thousand dollars paid to a recruit through Adidas all that stuff. Right. Still by the way in the midst of that FBI investigation, which is not close, right? He shows up in my living room and says I want your kid to play for me. I'm like there is no first of all you. We'll get into have you ever heard Patino talk about this stuff recently like after it's all been while he's coaching in the middle of the Greek islands somewhere. Right because nobody will touch him. He what he claims and he's convincing when you hear him. Tell it is that you know, he's he's clink. He's coach, I know nothing. He's coached at three different schools in two different NBA teams got two of them. Trouble. Got he got UMass and Louisville. No, you're thinking. Well, he didn't get you mess. Sorry. But in cal- parties, another guy that gets people Trump and he's the head coach at Kentucky. I would take part at UCLA. If I if I could get them. There's nothing as agreed GIS in column Perry's background as there is in Pacino's what Patino claims, and again, I'm I you can decide whether or not he's telling the truth. But what his story is is that he. He mentored hundreds of players, and assistant coaches over the years, and he has to live with the fact that two of these coaches that he hired completely ignored the rules. For example, a coach UCLA would love to get is Billy Donovan the head coach of the thunder. Yeah. Billy Donovan played for Patino at providence. Sure was an assistant coach with him there. Right. Was an assistant coach with him at Kentucky. Gotta head coaching job at Florida and Patino and Donovan are super tight and Donovan swears by him, by the way callapollo Donovan in a second. What's that Donovan in the second mentors Rick Pitino? But but he hasn't lived the same life the Rick Pitino did. So Pacino's point is look if you if you trust me to mentor, Billy Donovan and turn him into the coach's become why wouldn't you trust kid? Okay. So there's famous line. And I don't know who sent it. And I'm probably paraphrasing success comes and goes, but integrity is forever. I think that integrity is almost nonexistent in collegiate a mind. You can't be cynical. Well, wait a minute. You can't be that joy to what program. Do you? Think is not cheating at all. There's a difference between a recruiting violation. Like I made too many phone calls during the off season two recruits. I made one too many calls or I interacted with somebody into there's there's a difference between secondary violations which happened in every program and funneling one hundred thousand dollars in cash to a particular who you think you're listening to Caspian, Los Angeles other schools us girls and sex to help get recruits. I don't think they use hookers. If they like what most there was a difference between those that that kind of hostess situation, what do they call that? Well, the they're different names that every different names for school. Right. But but co EDS they this is your host for the weekend for the weekend. And she oh, my the way might hook up with were grabbing the girl from the screaming from the escort from this screaming cheetah commend to the dorm to do to do lap dances. There's a difference between those two things. Do you not see that? There's a difference, by the way, the screaming cheetah. Yeah. In louisville. Underrated Asti tastic the. Wait a minute. Somebody. So literally somebody just suggested I'm pretty sure I'm going to make sure before I call him out on it a coach who is dead. No. Double check. The that is what I'll tell you. Another thing. I am. Here's the thing about doing. So so I was very excited last night and loved the halftime show with imagine dragons and low way okay now, they are getting destroyed on Twitter and social media didn't hear it. But I we had it on we had one of the TV's at the game on and they all these people were enjoying reading articles about how bad imagine dragons is. And there are terrible band. And they're the scourge of rock and roll. I'm just pulling up headlines now, the scourge of rock and roll college football, so many jokes for imagine dragons halftime show. I thought I was a great show..

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