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And see on. That one is nothing to worry about. At the moment in my opinion go noy next company often accompany a country often heralded as the way that we should all be looking at increasing eib market chef because a small country comes rebuilt built on fossil fuel. Revenues and a country doesn't by many calls but but but there are still lessons. We can learn new. I bought eight thousand eight and a half thousand new electric passenger cows last month in march. Besides there were just over four thousand new plug in hybrids noise most successful model across any type of course was the testimony three a two thousand registrations the s alexa. Then there was a small. But it's okay according to elect dr tesla's sort of the electric comaq shah was fifty. Six percents plugging share was twenty nine percent. The market share of pure Combustion vehicles with no battery tall walls. Nine point five percent and it just continues to drop. First time. it's been in single digits. I think actually in norway and the amount of people buying petrels and diesels in no way is now in the hundreds every month. It's it's becoming a show and that's great news to see the rest of the top ten apart from the model s. Sorry model three includes the vw. Id full volvo. Xc forty recharge. The nissan leaf mercedes benz e qc and the saudi adrian. Next the falls in the news because the expanded trims have now gone silent in the uk. The first edition is what is available. Finally enough i in the. Us is the spec you can buy in the usa right now and here in the uk. I'm not mega impressed with the first spec here in the uk. Because i think mris stuff like the first editions normally loaded with goodies. And yet all the kind of things that you won't like the wireless phone charging and the powered tailgate and the lane. Keep assistant of the lane change assists stuff. None of it's there's open stripped out and it's like okay. It's bit wade. Launched specs normally fully loaded but following the introduction of the first edition. Volkswagen is now opening the older books. Today off the others. The id for life family and max starts at forty forty-one grand goes up to fifty a lot of money for the eighty four fifty thousand pounds shut that but still three hundred twenty three miles of range. Officially seventy seven kilowatt hour battery. Pack the powertrain underpins the first is under printing the pro performance range and then there is the pure range. Keep up which comes later. That's got the smaller fifty kilowatt hour battery..

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