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It's like Harry Carson or something ridiculous. I think it's Harry Carson or it was either Harry Carson or was it Carl banks, one of those banks, yes, sorry. Was it Carl banks? It might not have been. No, you might be right. But I think it was either Carl banks or Harry Harry Carson. Well, Carl banks was picked third overall. Wow. And Harry Carson was. A fourth round pick. Okay, so it was Carl banks. Yeah. But so everyone's like, oh, well, the Giants don't do this for the Giants don't do this. Here's what you should keep in mind for this draft if you're a Giants fan. The Giants are going to do a lot of things that they haven't ever done before. And I think one of the reasons why they did what they did was that someone finally came in there during the GM process hiring process. Maybe multiple people and said, this thing is hot garbage. You have to melt it down. And Dave gettleman did not say that after Jerry Reese kind of mucked it up a little bit. And no one wanted to tell, I think the mirrors and tissues that like, hey, this is bad. And so I think they're going to need a lot of things. And so giants fence for some reason always seemed to find me and be like, well, this isn't what we do. We're the Giants, and we do this. And well, you're going to do a lot of things this year in the draft that you haven't done before, including maybe draft some good players. So, yep. Yep, I think Joe Shane probably has a little more say on that than the, I don't know, historical legacy of the Giants at this point. But if you are looking at this, I mean, sauce gardener sort of top guy left her on board, also trevon walker, and then Jermaine Johnson, if you're going sort of a pure edge burner type. If you're, if you're the Giants, I would say, if you're even remotely planning on, well, so you went out and you got Wink Martindale, this off season, right? Yep. And do you get Wink Martindale because you like Wink Martindale? And you think and you don't want to pressure your defense, but you just like Wink Martindale, or did you get Wink Martindale because you want to press your defense? You know what I'm saying? And so I think it's going to be interesting. But I mean, I think James Bradbury, they're going to trade him at some point or they're trying to get rid of they're trying to take care of that. Whole situation. I think if you're going to even remotely consider a pressure defense, which you might because you're dead on the edges. You don't have any edge presence right now. Then maybe you go sauce gardener because it's like, okay, at some point I can lock down one side of the field, or at least I would like to think that's the idea of it, right? I mean, the ravens always needed those tight cornerbacks, you know?.

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