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Have full coverage night on our tv six reporting live downtown ecole griffin rtv six dan yorke yesterday vice president attorney general jeff sessions met with the family's plugged church nato says john prayed with one of the victims recovering in hospital shall new this morning investigators say the venus had first baptist church shows the gunmen carrying out a methodical attack witnesses say the gunmen targeted navies eventually killing eight children in all apple is now stepping in helping to get his ifo unlocked because he uh uh permission for investigators back here at home after obtaining near oldenburg his home on fire killing his father jordan jones's surviving father is talking about by donald past allen merrin is says the teens biological father was arrested for murder his family was trying to get in jordan into a mental health ciller the in the weeks before the fire waiting lists months pug bowl therapy and everything for two heating serve the he needed these are the consequences jordan is being charged as an adult four his father's death and his wife out bond his father tells us he doesn't have any hate the day he begged his son 505 after police spent more than arrest juice from an oon county home viewers about why did this takes so long and coal sixteen out there was a very specific reason if a tactic being used more and more by police department to the state police are putting an all new focus on negotiation like in the practitioner you see right here trying to calm things down by having a 'spect uh uh things down take a few steps back and there's a listener more than anything the fbi says simply having an open dialogue is critical but it can take a while to make sure no one gets hiv testing police want you to be reminded about two a safe uh to exchange things you buy and.

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