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The most devastating losses in imaginable even though they actually ended up winning the first one because really acted that that digs flight of work so anyways that was pretty funny but i agree with that worst play of the year wada candidates i actually almost put 'em all the people that tried to reach across the goal line and fumbled into the end zone as like one collective worst player of the year um why came up with three the first one came up with was the ravens giving up touchdown tyler buoyed on fourth and twelve to end their season i mean i can't imagine they gave up a touchdown on fourth and twelve from midfield blues the two filling missed the playoffs that is i think as low as you can get a couple of maya my honorable mentions though we're travis benjamin but the negative 10yard punt return that ended up as a safety and park is kugler pulling the leon lett how do you not have john fox challenging the ball away from his team at is the worst play of any year oh my god i forgot about that one that's a really good one she's o we ever to bears plays out here thanks buddy hey daddy go to hell idle hey man i mix i lawyers i crave fear this is i don't understand why you have to do is to me my life is bad enough as it is i could have thrown on some are awash field goal attempts on here just make you feel better if you want.

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