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He found himself in his own alliance of three with Kevin Costner and boy. Boy. This Kevin. Costner really doesn't waste any time. Listen better you than me. Yeah. Okay how Kevin Costner, putting in the work real quick, but that could get him in trouble if he's seeing as as too flirty and spending not enough time building the shelter. You know okay, all right? Let's with a showman's Kevin Costner. Kevin Costner knock it off. At the thinking guy being for Kevin Costner like if I make a showman's with everyone, then theoretically I could win with showmances. uh-huh, okay, take it easy. Kevin Costner all right. Let's go and see what's going on I. Reward Gel. See I love. We'll go back to the marooning here, so let's say you know. The the OPS Dave Kayak in from Minnesota and arrive on the beach to be greeted by Robin Akiva, the host of the show, and then flying in from the Denver Airport. Here come the stands, and they're going to battle for the first time against each other now looks like. Like in a fight to the finish, the ops tribe is going to claw their way through the battle dig and win the founder of the season. Well I mean old deuteronomy who has claws Leprechaun, also, he's a biter. Well milk bag outside a really strategy in that knockback looked a lot like the sandbags they had to Graham, and so a lot of people accidentally went for Milk Bag. Okay, so congratulations of. There was also an opportunity where they try to take off fuzzy. Green Bra Sandra style, but because. It was just really tough to deal with that SORTA got them caught. Ask Smart. Okay, all right. Let's go to our immunity challenge here for were are find out who will be the first person to go home on stands versus ops. Looks like this stands tribe wins immunity. They lost the battle in the sand, but they won the war in this regard, and it looks like the first person out of this season is going to be an op voting well for your chances to have a veto in twenty twenty one friends. Veto coming back all right. Cats might.

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