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I have heard that were dragged it used before it is nobody feels like they are just absolutely fantastic at making sure they pick the right stuff and feel like, you know, they don't have any exile about did. I actually just do. My did I spend too much for this, etc. So just I hope people remember that you're not alone. And that you can learn a ton from other people's experiences. I know is what this podcast is all about. And that there no matter what industry are in or what it is you need whether it's software or something else. Asking for. Is is just most amazingly powerful tool. You have at your disposal, and it's available to you anytime organizations like mine, and many others that John you than reviewed are do do try and help 'cause we all wanna make the world a better place and have people enjoy themselves more rather than less in whatever way, we can love all of that and say number three fire nation, go to visit in Brooklyn. And get a free dessert. That's other take away from this episode. Shame. So great chat for all the obvious reasons in Clare question, like what is the best way for fire nation to checkout. Capterra's it. Just go to capterra dot com. Is there a better route to go? It's real simple. Capterra double RCA, P T R A dot com. And you know, what you'll land on our homepage. If you're looking for specific software right now, that's a great place to go. Another thing. You can do is just who go blog. Capterra. We're working on getting the blog better integrated with the main site, but there is a treasure trove of information in there as well. So and of course, honestly, if I can be helpful. I'm happy. Abate. Speech. Feel Email me directly at Clare at capterra dot com. Fire nation, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and you've been hanging out with Claire in jail de

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