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I like that pick. They are going to trade that pick though. All right. I didn't trade it. You can trade any you know, you want. You can't trade it is too complex Oakland. So this I get I get the surprise pick of the draft. Boy Aaron had the surprise pick of the draft yesterday number four with number four the Oakland Raiders, take rich Gannon out. Like, what's the by the way? What's the surprise pick of the draft? You don't I said this a guarantee you this Redskins are going to surprise people fifteen Daniel Jones would be surprise at for Aaron in our mock yesterday took Rashawn Garrett for said that that's a Jon Gruden kind of pick. Rashawn Gerry it for? Yeah. That's that was his his pick TJ Hopkinson. Wow. That's high. I don't think anybody has had him that high the highest. I've seen Hopkinson was seven to Jacksonville. Well, I got it surprise. It has to they claim. It's a surprise. So if I were to say, Josh Allen, are you surprised? No, no, I'm not. I'm not surprised. So my pick keeps in play this apprise crooked. Chris you're surprise could be what you said before though, they're the ones who move up to number one they shop twenty four or twenty seven. I I would fully fully by that the biggest and one of the first big time supporters of Murray Johnson, would you trade for Derek Carr. If you're the Redskins. You know, I like car, I know you love car. They will. Here's why. Because if they just did. Afford it. Right. You'd have to look at the number. He he just signed that big that deals. What Oakland got eat the Oakland? Gotta eat the guarantee the like like Denver had to eat a bunch of it with keenum. I mean, smaller scale scale, it's yeah. I understand the different. But yet when you trade a player, you eat the seed money it accelerates to all right? Let's just stick with this Murray. One to Zona Bosa to San Francisco Quinton Williams three to the jets TJ Hopkinson you've got going for to Oakland. I've got the fifth pick Tampa Bay takes. Maybe the best defensive player in the strap Devon white from LSU the linebacker. So you are now on the board with the giants. The giants take John Williams. Well. I mean, we still do you wanna take Josh Allen? Yeah. They're gonna take Josh Allen. Okay. But they want John Williams. All right. Josh Allen to the giants. You don't you get time. You don't have to worry about it. Lemming set it it's fine. Let me pull up my list of names here. So. Are you gonna put this out on Twitter like the cooling on mock draft? Okay. Maybe we will I'm with Jacksonville now. And I think Jacksonville in that spot. I don't think Coughlan goes at Oliver. Although God, I mean, adding another impactful defensive player would be would be interesting. TJ Hawkins was probably the target there. They need to protect foles. I think they go Jona Williams, Jacksonville, Jona Williams. Although I've seen a lot of people have John Taylor rated higher than John Williams. But I'm gonna say Jacksonville goes Jona Williams at number seven Detroit on the clock. I like that pick of Joan Williams. So you got Detroit here. You're you've got Detroit here. Yeah. Yes. In our draft. I now have Detroit, right? I mean, they'll take Oliver. Yeah. I think they would probably take Oliver. I mean, unless there there may be some teams that have all our Oliver off their board. There could be teams that have Oliver and Gary off their board. I think Gary's dropping buffalo than on the clock goes John Taylor. This is who I had with you yesterday. They go offense of Lyman John Taylor at number in at number nine. So now number ten Denver..

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