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15 minutes on New Jersey one a 1.5. It's 3 23 with the Minsky and Doyle. Was yesterday. A Where were you when moment? You think you'll always remember how you heard about the attack from the capital? Or was it just another day? And what other Where are you? Where were you? When moments when you remember throughout your life 123 11.5. Here's a weird one thing has nothing to do with anything. All that dramatic. This was just one entertainer, but I'll never forget. And I didn't even like this entertainer. At that point, I'll never forget where I was when I got the news that Michael Jackson died. Because he just was. And you. You're the one who pointed this out for most of us. He was just always there and always famous. Last time. He was a little kid, So it just seems so weird that he was gone. But you remember driving on a highway in Michigan? I think there was like a I think it was like a pouring rain storm for a while and we were going to that stupid, stupid. This is another station s. Oh, that's stupid Promotional thing for that pop up drive in movie theater to remember that home Like what? A failure that yes, that and Michael Jackson done. 1 802 831 on 1.5. Karen in Philadelphia. You're in New Jersey 11.5. Hi this with my memory, but times where the candidates I've, um 9 11. That guy was so bad about tracking them Speak progress a few months ago. Um, that place is dressed in protest of the sister in the chute. Obama. My memory's not I don't deliver the capital people armor improving than every other people never closed her drive like policemen do to this crime that has been done. And for the last year, I think they're gonna stand out to you. Absolutely mad people that made them better and print. Because they're rich. Then there they were trying to overthrow an election. I mean, there was there was quite an undercurrent of jobs. People are offended by this. I'm gonna remember I thought was a memorable day. Oh, my God. I made my kids actually watch this because it's just going to be such a memorable day in history, Okay? People that the last time there was a breach at the United States Capitol building was an 18 14 and it was part of the war of 18 12, and it was set fire. I mean happens. I honestly don't understand why some people are actually getting offended by the by the mere question. I don't care if you for or against the protesters for since the election. Seeing those people scaling the walls of the capital was memorable. I mean, course, it seemed the Capitol police with their guns drawn on the protesters. That's a memorable image, right? I mean, people people died there..

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