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Sure thanks alex hey may be one last thing slider i've been here in your head at the microphone yeah i've been hearing a lot of people talk about this like mushroom coffee and a high you guys know anything about this i heard it's at the website john four sigmatic dot com back slash biz in buys let me spell that for john f o you are as i g m e t i see dot com be eyes e b i as fifteen and if you order on nats that page automatically takes fifteen percent off what do you wanna say to some would say they're not just a coffee company other on trump sean there any lick sir company they're any licks corrigan ordinary elixir is john but please enlighten me please elixir me if you do tell me i thought that most of my favorite listen listen four sigmatic is a great sponsor they support us and again you young entrepreneurs by their product number one but if you're not going to participate in this amazing product go to their website look at they're branding besides they are exceptional entrepreneurs they're disrupting a space and four sigmatic dot com we'll teach you things look at the branding i endorse it john fosko endorsed with a signature louis with a signature landen's up we gotta a we utters or boomer sooner who as uh intern all way from oklahoma for a couple of months he doesn't talk very much john hey neither does a baker mayfield anymore moves low only as don't translate little hood on desert but off the area fucking it up gay all right so this guy said about one hundred words since he's been here he put his head.

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