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The 2016 election to tilted in favor of donald trump we've learned now about this meeting with donald trump jr where he was informed that the information against donald trump's opponent that he would get came from the russian government you're taking all of this in as well as a former special council where do we said so i think we sit unfortunately for our country on something of a kind of a political bombshell if not illegal bombshell it seems as though we now have very specific information that says that the campaign was soliciting and encouraging the activities of the russian government it's just so difficult to escape the conclusion if you look at the evidence in a cut of as reasonable manner as possible and what does that mean well i think that that means potential criminal violations of campaign finance law which happens to be the law that would actually those directly apply as a criminal matter to collusion slash coordination when people ask a what with brie the crime that's the clearest case of it ryan goodman is former special counsel for the apartment of defense and founding coeditor of justice carritti a form on wall rights and us national security ryan goodman thank you so much thank you later on this hour there are fifty nine national park in the united states we have a couple who travelled from florida to alaska and back again visiting all of them we asked you about your most memorable experiences to the country's national parks from can dollars florida my most memorable visit was to acadia national park we the enjoyed exploring the rocky coast hiking acadia mountain biking on the carriage trails we stayed on the peninsula in a modest shall lay on the water the sky was a bowl of stars covering us at night and the fire flies were all around us shell from hawaii hayward late july nineteen seven my widowed tried to buy a brand new vw he camper van and we headed way from florida on a month long road trip to yellowstone pain could desert of arizona had bad land from more big pena here on never forget akram call us at eight seven seven eight.

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