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Garnish in twelfth, thirteenth, Joe fire fourteenth. Titus Djuric tumble Luca Hopkins, Clayton, Edmonds, Harrison McKay Jamie woodcock complete. The grid is nine lap race. The circuit is one coloma's along the no Llamas in total because nine times one, nine even I know that and this race is going to be a threat of, I feel I think Casey going going to have all his own way. I think we're gonna have a real big battle out the front between him and bearing these strict Campbell eight tenths separated after they're calling times. Also the leaders in this championship eighty strict Campbell ahead of case O'Gorman by five points, Amir, five points wipes off in this rights. Kidwell be wiped off. Indeed, ninety six points back though is manual Brinton and third. So. At Benedict up for the top three top two then is one certainty to enjoy menu. Only four points ahead of Ali war cast. So the number forty eight in fourth just behind menu. In the number. Johny Gonesse in the fifty seven v ahead of Hitchcock. In seventh Mason foster eighth with James Cook earned Joe Spanish, your top ten championships. I found Johnny Gonesse thirty four point gap behind only walk, but then behind him, enhanced goats, go nineteen behind Sola Mounsey for the point behind him Mason foster the two points behind him. So it does all even out in the midfield especially when they get. So very quick, the big battles we got eighteen of the scheduled to join us on the great in a few moments telling to enjoy the wonderful weather in Cambridge, if around five of championship and. So less. We very patiently waiting for the next race to the junior Elsie foresee elite vase one, and they will be followed. Then by the AC foresee rookies with the bike on foresee a motor team following them, the mini cheapie fifties when half the extremely hundreds of them, then the mini-van sidecars will use the slutty shortened version of the Lord circuits. And then the mini seventies will bring to an end to today's action that was GP around quarter past five. And we've had some great work by the Mets and the Marshall teams I knew organizes very big, thank you to all of them for waiting and working in search warm conditions. It is very difficult for everyone out there and as they've been doing a fantastic job. So not too long until the next LC forty elite race, which will be sworn for them of the weekend. So far it definitely your has been journey of the top two. And then everyone else. But nonetheless key. It has been a fantastic year all around. Junior Elsie Fourty elites. We've seen some thrilling racing in this. We have had all of the battles of we have saying, hey sake Gorman. It's been not as dominant as he has been in the fifties and seventies. He really has been something a little bit, especially in those classes. He is on the brink of championship lead, though I must tell you five points in between himself and Bailey Stuart Campbell. She looked to podiums in this eight Elsie forty elites boss Brady shirt. Caramel has been on the podium in every single. I say, FOX fall, twelve Gorman as ten Emmanuel Brinson seven only wall..

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