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Talk in prose and let you know. It is April which is national poetry month McDowell. Those a disgrace to the poacher. But my goal is to memorize one poem from Robert Frost and or one poem from Waldwick. Jack I got a better set up for you. I actually wrote you a surprise Haiku snacker. I didn't tell Jack this before. The pod ready to hear this thing ready to go ahead. Here's this next. You'll hear Chris very nervous. We speak you. Listen but what do microphones thing. Is it their teaboy? Bravo snacks. Tweet it out tomorrow. That's actually really good. In the meantime it also happens to be national. Tv binging months. Yeah poetry's gray. Tv binging is available for everybody right now and they're all doing also it happens to be part of the national launch your randomly named streaming service season. Which is going on right now exhibit AAC quimby which launches April. Fix Your Binge on your phone. It's five bucks a month but they want with Casper Mattress. Dial Ninety Day for retrial is a generous free trial. I think it's going to have all of America's customers for at least ninety days number two you got. Nbc's Peacock Launch April fifteen only for comcast cable users doesn't launch April fifteenth and then in July. It's happening for everyone else. Who's human being? This is the only place you'll be able to get parks and REC parks and REC. Emmy office I think are leaving up not too shabby and then finally rounding all this out for the season you've got. Hbo Max to be named HBO. Max COMING OUT IN LATE. May At fifteen bucks a month sounds pricey but let's be honest it's not. Dv H they can get away with a lot. We're not going to give you a raise. Janna because we're now adding onto the national crisis is that friends is not available to stream on any platforms until HBO Max Launch. There is literally like a friend's hole in the economy right now going on. I know an editorial note to the The people that HBO. Maybe you should have moved up. Your launch date from late. May to like right now because we can all really us. Hbo Maxim France Hall. The marketing team. This seems to be the moment. In the meantime we're going to sprinkle a little bit of context on what's going on with. Hbo Max that you should definitely know. Hbo USED TO BE A part of time. Warner and Time Warner got acquired by. At and T. Couple years ago in two thousand eighteen so facto transit of property that thing that means. Hbo is owned by a t and t the telecom company right and HBO's leader its longtime leader was a guy named Richard Pleasure. Who's responsible for? Game of thrones not bad. Why impressive little lies and a whole bunch of other top shelf binging content? The only problem was after. Hbo GOT ACQUIRED BY AT and T. The NEW AT and T. Corporate Parent wanted to change the beautiful. Hbo. He basically said we want more quantity less quality. Be More like that. Flex they're like. Can we stretch out? This game of thrones dating spin off with wives of West arose going on my third day dragons. Who Am I giving my dragons to so Richard Platt per was basically like I'm out of here that's the plumper left in the meantime just yesterday. Hbo Max Finally announced a new leader for Warner media which is at and T.'s. Division doing a lot of stuff like streaming video which is HBO. You got movies. Which is Warner Brothers and cable? Tv CNN TBS. Enter Hulu founder. Jason Co are taken the position. Pretty sure it's pronounced killer. Jason Killer nickname their run with Jason Jack. What's the takeaway for our buddies? Who are definitely not TV over at HBO Max. At and T. Is An old school company. That really need some new school town. Eighteen knackers it. Ceo and COO are exactly what you'd imagine the to look pretty much NBA holding conservative suit. Where Time Company and streaming is the future of media but they don't have the streaming town right now to jump on that Future Lar- Aka. The killer was at Amazon for nine years before founding. Hulu in two thousand seven. Which was a godsend to nick and me when we were freshmen year roommates at Middleburg streaming a real large amount of family guy in that thing in the meantime who's become owned by Disney and NBC and Fox jointly right now who just owned by Disney. But it shows that killer knows how to handle like different power people in the media industry as important our buddy Jay. The killer had this court in two thousand eleven. That basically summed up the whole thing. It was a criminal. History has shown that incumbents tend to fight trends that challenge their established ways and in the process they lose focus on what matters most customers. At and T. Needs a little bit of this guy snacks. We get a little update here. We're a little over halfway done today. Snacks Daily Pot. So if you're doing snacks challenge and seeing how far you can run in the first one episode exhausted all right time to turn around and run back and you gotta go back. Take a water break. Do yourself a favor. We're going to hit our third story. Mccormick spices is having a seesaw Korean. Economy Moment Little Bit. Good Yup a little bit of bad. It's a see saw moment. Snacker every kitchen should probably have a drawer stuff with McCormick. You know your mom would want it that. I can't believe this is a publicly traded stock on Wall Street. You've got aggressive kitchen real estate. We're talking Oregano turmeric curry paste coriander seeds. We've got curry powder. I have no idea why because we have the seeds. Knicks always picking the fancy stuff. I like this Real Essex Salt and Pepper Combo back for like ninety nine every grocery store. Knacker is a little spoiler alert. Here Jack. Scott. The taste buds of like a three year old. Turtle Connoisseurs Bison now. This company is proudly based in Baltimore Maryland since eighteen eighty nine where. They've been making spices mixed with Lacrosse. Sticks from like the Solvent School State Law requires a fifteen minute. Break every four hours of work so you can sprinkle some old ban. That's a critical thing now. The biggest flaw on the resume for McCormick is the one thousand nine hundred sixteen. Us Borough of chemistry investigation were investigated for black pepper purity problem. They called us at McCormick pepper and they don't like talking about him. We've actually shouldn't even abroad. Most famous product of McCormack in my opinion is old bay which is like in the state constitution of now about a quarter of its business is not spices but like condiments right they got Franks red hot sauces made by McCormick and French's classic yellow mustard. The rest of its business is like some fancy kind of custom stuff going on that you wouldn't expect them to be gotta section of their website bragging that they've teamed up with IBM on artificial intelligence. It all seems like they're overselling because basically they're just like helping you can cock special sauces like McDonald's special sauce if you're the cheesecake factory you need Salinas. Sprinkle on your stuff. You're going to the guys at McCormick. The earnings report for McCormick and its annual report. They show a helpful breakdown of the business. This is funny thing. We noticed about the annual report though. Is They actually show? What's in the gift bag for all the shareholder in ten dis and last year they were giving away truffle. Salt just want to point that out as an adorable detail to include an annual bar. The other thing we noticed when we jumped into the earnings report is that they love saying flavoring. The future pretty much as often as they can say this we noticed that McCormick is always playing a supporting role in whatever it is. They got a big picture of Sushi. But then the little sesame seeds there by McCormick. They got a delicious looking chicken leg with the barbecue sauce that McCormick spice third cameraman at the end of the movies. Like please wait till you see all the credits. He could see my name. Deborah you see the second thing. We noticed that was helpful. Is that the businesses pretty evenly balanced. If you look at the earnings about half of its business is homegoods sales like to you and your pantry and then half of its business is away from home like restaurants and caterers. Now it's expecting some interesting differences between the two for example. It's expecting double digit sales growth for home consumption business because there's all sorts of pantry. Hoarding going on because people are cooking at home during the recession and during the public health crisis but restaurants sales for McCormick are expected to plummet cheesecake. Factory has furloughed like its entire workforce. It's telling landlord is not even GONNA pay rent. Even mom and pop restaurants are shutting down and knock cooking. That means less spices that McCormack selling out to restaurants and other right so good business for the bad business for the away from home overall. This is a net negative for McCormick because it sales are down to percents. So Jack what's the takeaway for buddies flavor and flavor the future over McCormick McCormick's experiencing a classic see-saw situation knackers see-saw situation. You're gonNA start seeing this Yang Yang in around with a bunch of other companies right now. One side of the business is surprisingly surge in the krone economy but the other side of the business plummet four example. We've noticed pay pal seen a surge in people wanting to digitally or with touches payments but that's offset by the fact that fewer people are buying things in general overall transactions. Are going down so snappers when you hear that. One company's business is living. Its best life in the krone economy. Don't just settle for that information. There could be another side of the story where part of its business living. Its worst like sick. See-saw Situation Jack in your whip the salt and pepper and tell us the takeaways over there. Carnival cruise is cannot borrow money or accept bailout funds from the government because it's technically Panamanian impressive move to dodge labor laws and taxes. A really bad move if you eventually needed a bailout. Hp MAX LAUNCHES NEXT MONTH SODAS HBO. Max's new top guy. The founder of Hulu Jason Collage. Hey there killer. At and T.'s. And Old Media Company that needs some new media town energy four third and final story. I can't emphasize this. Salt and pepper is the best products of McCormick. It's been seizing scrambled eggs. Since the nineteenth century half of his businesses gaining half is falling it's a classic see-saw situation now snack time for a snack back today. This one sent in by Catherine Bill. Who is doing incredible work as a position in Detroit? Yes Detroit home of Henry Ford Hospital which fun fact is where my Nanna was born. We've got fun. Facts on snack bags. Inside of this Tax Katherine tells us the first ventilators crucial medical device that is in huge demand to fight cove in Nineteen. The first ventilators came out in nineteen twenty eight and they were known back then as iron lungs but there. I use back then was patients who were struggling to breathe because of polio. Interestingly those polio ventilators they use negative pressure but today's ventilators use positive pressure. GonNa leave it at that because we don't know what that means. I am glad Catherine is the physician and not US smackers. Love being with you today but we want to see you tomorrow at Three PM. Eastern with our snacks breaks. You can register at our B. N. H. E. DOT co slash snacks dash and to make it as easy as possible. We threw up there right in the description of today's podcast. You can click register. We will see you tomorrow. Can't wait this is Jack. I must confess I own stock of carnival. Cruise the robinhood snacks podcast. You just heard reflects the opinions of only the host who are associated persons of Robinhood Financial Llc and does not reflect the views of robinhood markets. Inc Her any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. The podcast is for informational purposes. Only and is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell any security and is not an offer sale of a security. The podcast is also not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of any investment decision robinhood financial LLC member Finra SIPC..

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