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Up it's not such a big deal that you have to do this I'm Claudio tests you tell what the latest on the delta airline fuel dump over southeast LA county what do targets lean holiday sales meeting for Mattel another twenty makers I love birds Jones honor that story coming up in five minutes yelp says the top place to eat in America is at a food truck in San Diego those stories coming up the next fifteen that's right now ten forty five other every ten minutes on the files with happening barber Breck's live close the express lanes in south LA one ten north bound Florence to Adams that could slow you bet looks like they may be shutting them down south bound as well starting right about Adams because I see delays at a downtown starting before the ten you've also got some heavy traffic through downtown on that one ten north found nine street to the one on one one one south them loading up leaving Vermont all the way to the ten we've had ongoing road work there in the lane so they may be set up cones through the area right now you've got working east LA five north bound for did men in the left lane then the connector from the five north bend of ten west bound shut down a little tight as you make your way through the area and ongoing work in south el Monte often causes delays and again tonight it is on the sixty they're working both directions for is made to the six so five three left lane shut down eastbound that's enough to slow you down through the road work and west found the two left lanes are close watch out for a little slowing there right at the six so five in Anaheim hills cruiser at on the ninety one west bend gypsum canyon road we're canyon and the three right lanes and I'm a little slow to San Antone the five concept both directions between the crush the fifty seven freeway and for St two right lanes closed northbound that's the busy side car pull into left lane shut down southbound along with the carpal connector fifty seven south down to the five southbound next report ten fifty five five Barbara Brooks of poor traffic reports are often can't extend seventy newsradio good evening everybody what we're gonna be tracking rain is make away late tomorrow afternoon for the afternoon rush hour into early Friday morning between a quarter to three quarters.

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