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And we all wanna i now i get it but an apparatus south the madness it's 2018 stop at anyway listen the senate passed its let's huge because we've been talking about this i think that literally accounts where to this but i feel like i've been hearing about the sunday brunch dole since i moved to georgia and that was a long time ago this has been proposed and discussed over and over and over again in little by little year over year we are chipping away at this old school stuff that has been preventing some of this alcohol sales so we're chipping away at it and here's another chip now so now all of the municipalities will have to have their own referendums and and have their own votes on this and i'm sure most will pass at some won't probably most in the metro atlanta area will pass it and brunch will now proceed with cocktail day georgia busy broaches the movie brand jazz who listen i i feel like it's a good newsbad news kind of morning on the local level there's a story coming out of cnn which is still based here in atlanta although a lot of what goes on at cnn is actually happening in new york a lot of the business of cnn's still happens here at cnn center will they are now announcing the elimination of a dozen or so positions i'm sorry dozens of positions just under fifty is what we're thinking it's going to be about four dozen people getting let go and this is all in and around the digital side of cnn so cnncom in their various digital products apparently they tried a few things that didn't work they say this is not a sign of anything major but they had some projects that they brought people in specifically for some of those things worked some didn't and so some of those people will be like oh one example of a project that cnn had that didn't work actually was a part ship with snapchat so i could have told them this they didn't call me but this was another sort of like an attempt.

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