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In for lisa jaffe stories we're following today officials say three workers at a waste transfer station in north spokane county got sick after a spill of a hazardous substance spokesman review reports the workers were taken to a hospital for treatment but we aren't sure just yet what spilled and in afghanistan dan the us secretary of state mike pompeo strongly condemning the terrorist bombings that killed thirty six people including children and journalists at the university of washington there's a new effort to help blind and low vision people navigate the internet taylor's spoke with a computer science professor who recently presented her work at the computer human interaction conference in montreal the pace of technological advancement is such that computing speed doubles every eighteen months that's an observation called moore's law but while the power of computers continues to increase at that rate the innovation that comes about from these machines is entirely subjective to what computer engineers decided to do with that power four professor jen main cop the ladner professor of computer science at u dubs allen school the drive to innovate focuses on helping people who can't see or can't see very well navigate the evermore complex websites that the able vision to us every day that you the metaphor based on a real desk at some level right and so they're taking three dimensional world and converting it into to and then when we put it into something like a screen reader we linear i'd it and furthermore ephemeral meaning that it it it is not president in time across time and so we're living a lot of information as we go through these conversions trade creating fiscal way to.

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