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I'm Lisa. Let Sarah Fox News the Senate set to vote on a short term spending bill that's weak without a new spending bill. A partial government shutdown would be triggered late Wednesday night. The Senate is now expected to take up a stopgap measure known as a continuing resolution next week, a procedural vote to begin debate on that 10 weeks spending bill was overwhelmingly approved by the Senate, setting up consideration for final passage Tuesday or Wednesday. The House adopted the short term bill earlier this week with broad bipartisan support. The measure does not include additional Corona virus relief, but does renew a farm stabilization program requested by Republicans. An additional nutrition assistance funding sought by Democrats on Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern, Fox News president Trump held to campaign events today. This evening in Jacksonville, Florida He went after Democrats for pushing against the plan to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court by the end of the year. One simple question. If it was them instead of us. Do you think they do it? This will be a very talented person. It will be a woman. I'm sorry, men. It will be a woman. The president is expected to name his choice Saturday at 5 P.m. Eastern. Earlier in North Carolina. The president signed a healthcare executive order, which covers a range of issues, including protecting people with preexisting conditions. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the odor order is not worth the paper It's written on. Democratic nominee Joe Biden did not hold any public events today. His campaign says he's preparing for Tuesday's debate. The curfew has passed in Louisville, Kentucky, but demonstrations continue over the grand jury decision to not charge the police officers involved in the shooting. Yet the Briana tailor their protests in several other cities, including New York City, Oakland, California and Philadelphia. America is listening to Fox News from the Maas Nissan Traffic.

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