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Nine zero seven three three three nine eight six six ninety red eye he's eric harley i'm gary mcnamara also coming up a tropical storm cindy boy that seem to come out of nowhere of a sudden boulia aaron it's it's gonna hit parts of the the south in old bug young 24 hours from now could be right about be right about twenty four hours from now coming coming ashore and watching that very closely a tropical storm doesn't get the a lot of the attention that that aid that a hurricane would get a course um because the winds but the the wrangle storm i if either in i've been through a few i i was in florida for for two and taxes for one and i'm telling you the the rain the flooding by the way in storms that's the that's often the biggest killer that's the biggest threat so you you know that that's what you have to watch out for uh the point being you take this very very seriously on my brother my as brotherly on the coast and and so there you know to batten down the hatches just and they and he's been through i don't know how many store and what i've seen major rain could be anywhere from the panhandle of of florida mean of lives they even had tallahassee on the they added from all the way i mean that's he might pass the panhandle for at least my opinion tallahassee all the way over into tech excess acids and and that's where the rain could even though the tropical storm is seems like the uh the whatever would be the socalled center of it not in the eye right uh but i guess you can have a tropical storm would be ah it looks right of the you know the other side of the border just east of uh and we're still 24 hours away in a in a east of tax is right in the western part of louisiana eight six six ninety red eye here's your forecast tropical storm conditions expected to pound the gulf region four to eight inches with isolated maximum amounts of over ten inches for southeastern louisiana southern mississippi in alabama and the western florida panhandle through wednesday night the the winds are expected.

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