Charleston, Paul Ryan, Congress discussed on TMA Morning Show with Charlie James


Seven twelve fifty mainly sunny for your thursday and even warmer than yesterday with highs in the upper sixties at the beaches to the mid seventy s inland mostly clear overnight tonight temperatures dropped back into the mid fifties and for your friday another mainly sunny day with highs a little bit warmer in the low seventies at the coast to the upper seventies inland i'm storm team meteorologists chrissy cooler on twelve fifty w tma the big talker to north charleston at the big talker twelve fifty wt all night w t dot com james good monan at six ten ten minutes past six o'clock on the big talker twelve fifty wt w tma dot com glad to have you along with this on this thursday monin it is the twelfth day of april twenty eighteen and we got a lot to talk about today of course paul ryan announcing yesterday that he would no longer be seeking reelection this is going to be it for him he is he's probably not going to be leaving washington per se but he is going to be no longer running for congress and in fact this is this is how we said yesterday is here we got it here he says i intend to four my serve term as i was elected to do yeah he's gonna full his serve term i don't know what that means or what but he's gonna full his serve term of course he misspoke to say he's going to serve his full term so interesting yesterday also yesterday mark zuckerberg said down for a second day of testimony before congress tell you what if you watch ted cruz question this kid it's grown up talking to a child it really really is and the child just does not know what's going on so there was one interesting thing that we'll be talking about this morning facebook even if you are not a member of facebook if you haven't subscribed to facebook they still have data on you how in the world can that be considered legal how can that be a thing how can that possibly happen.

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