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For spending part of your day with me. Today is U n human Rights Day in a statement Commemorating the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights. Joint statement from 130 Independent Human Rights experts said that the commemoration of this day in the closing days of this particular year serves as quote an important and powerful message. The global threats to humanity demand global responses. That rest on multilateralism, cooperation and solidarity and quote seven Y sees John Schaefer is recognizing the day We'll have some details on that for you later in the show, also on the show today and all of it, listening party with singer songwriter Ray Zaragoza. She was included in NPR's music's list of the best protest music of 2020 will hear music from her latest release, women and women and color and we'll have a listening party and raise give us an exclusive performance to play today. Then actor Rachel Brosnahan will be here to talk about her starring role in a new film called I'm Your Woman and Unconventional Crime drama set in the 19 seventies about a woman who was forced to go on the run. With a baby director and co writer Julia Hart joins us as well and later tis the season to get out safely, of course, and enjoy the holidays. W N Y. C is culture editor J Even ask a will be here with family activities to do this weekend. It's on the way, so let's get started. Passing marked all the listeners out there that celebrate Happy Hanukkah who's frying a block East tonight? Or maybe you're hoping to resurrect your grandma's old noodle kugel recipe. Joining us is the host of schmaltzy, a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of Jewish identity through food and live storytelling. Amanda Dell is her name, and she is also the Jewish Food Societies Program director Amanda Welcome to all of it. Hi, Alison. Thank you for having me and listeners you want to hear from you? What are your Hanukkah traditions? Do you have a family recipe to share? Our lines are open 646437280646437280. As we get into the holiday spirit, we want to hear your Hanukkah traditions. And he tips you have for any of the food. You're cooking any of the meals. You're serving any of the fun you're having. In your household, So I'm And I think when l When we think about how, Nick I know I got great straight to Lucas. I go straight there. Uh, let's be let's talk traditional first, and then we can spin out what goes into the traditional lakha. I love where we're starting else. And first of all, I speak to my traditional Laska that was made in my family. First by my grandmother, Helen, and then usually by my dad, Larry. Um, it's I think fairly traditional a couple of main ingredients. Shredded potato on a box grater also onion on a box grater. Egg and then Ride on the You know, of course, seasoned salt and pepper and Then the most important part that I think about the traditional AKA is not that sexy, but it's drainage. Um, you you must. Release the liquid from the potato and onion mixture, So I actually did a dry run of luck of making with my dad last night virtually course we weren't together. And he, uh He revisited a two step dreaming approach. So first you really want to just squeeze out as much of that liquid as possible, either with a dish towel or cheesecloth or something like that, and then You think just to let it green over a colander again. And you know you waiting is hard, but you want to wait, You know, maybe at least 45 minutes and or an hour. Patients. Patients are numbers 6464357280646435 70 to 80 listeners We want to hear from you. What are your Hanukkah traditions? Do you have a family recipe You want to share? Of course. Social media is available as well. If that's easier for you were at all of it. W N Y c both on Twitter and instagram or just pick up the phone. We'll put you on the radio 6464357 to 80. All right, Topping wise. Where do you stand on toppings for Lucas? This is such a controversial question. Um, I prefer a little bit from both camps, meaning a little bit of sour cream on a little bit of apples off. So I think that the hot lot go with a little cool and tangy and a little bit sweet apple sauce and then the creaminess from the sour cream. I think all of those together to meet make the perfect bite. I know that this is a controversial opinion. I'm sure we'll get calls about it. I think people are very divided into two different camp. And for those, for the uninitiated, what's the controversy? Some people are just on teams savory 100%. They prefer either plain or with sour cream. Don't be a bar on team sweet and they feel like that was us. Add some sweetness, and some people don't would never even think about combining, but You know a lot. What It's perfect. I think about the locket is that it's a vehicle, you know for toppings and for other flavors. Let's take some calls. Of course you've got him already. Let's go to Shuli on line four from Woodmere High shool. You're on the air. Hi. So fun to be here. Well, so happy to have you S so the color before. Just talk about making a traditional last guys. I haven't trapping that. Maybe a little bit. Not traditional, but definitely Yemi. Um, I actually make a pastor of sauce that I put out that I served with my last guns. Pesto sauce and Yeah, it gives a nice like fresh or Venus to the last guys. It's also again. Um and I make it with parsley. One of the reasons why I like using parts Liam and passed on so much is because it doesn't turn brown. Doesn't get that brown layer that fable Paso typically get Um and I just use a bunch of parsley, a chief minister or two of salt. She would have me close and garlic here. Best olive oil and some much You can I prefer to use the South. You're not like pecan or cashews again because they blend up really nicely and they're not better. And then I was expensive. It's time. Given us so many good options today. Surely thank you so much. Let's go to Maxine calling in from Brooklyn on line three. Maxine wants to share a little family secret. Hi, Maxine. Thanks for calling all of it. Yeah. Thanks for taking my call. Go for it. I was calling about two things. One is the way that my mother taught me to measure. Um, for the blackest. Which is a recipe is very simple. It's just like three meeting sized potatoes. One medium size onion. Um, uh, one egg, some salt and a handful of flour. And I said to her, I said so. Well, how will I know how to measure it like what's medium and my mother was 4 ft nine inches tall. And very small and she said. Is, if I know how to do it according to my size, you'll know how to do it according to yourself, and she that she refused to tell me how much it was, she said. Your medium your medium potato will be different than my medium. Whether they'll taste but don't worry, and it's us. There's some wisdom in that there really isn't wisdom in that. There is okay, It comes out great every time and it's also hand graded, which was like traditional, and I don't do anything else. Um, but the other thing I called the bad is that Way, always saying a sonic a song. And yet it's you know, I'm 79. My mother was an immigrant, and we keep spoke Yiddish to my grandmother, and we always saying Song that everyone things in English now. Which is the best. You know. Veronica Avantika. Um you know, I'm gonna ask you to sing now. Yeah, right. I have a terrible voice. But I do it anyway. Please, that this tradition So here it is. Ah ha Monica Monica Young to sustain a a lipstick and a failed finished or NAFTA. Xena Island Asthma Trade left Phil in the air. 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