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But he's got great size. I mean the length six six you know for a guard He can play both positions. He's got decent enough handles that he can Play that point guard spot as well but the number one thing about his game shot creating abilities. His first step allows them to get by most defenses and is a pull up. Jumper is a thing of beauty. I mean But of course where he thrived. The most last season was in transition the average at one point three eight points per transition possessions. That's ninety six percentile and so that's where you're going to see a lot of his flare in his. You know his highlights in his rookie season but Defensively he does have some areas to improve but as he grows and improves on his strength. You'll be able to handle a lot. More matchups as his quickness on the ball at the moment can keep them in front of pretty much anyone. he does have decent instincts in the passing lanes and will most likely be his That will most likely be his bread and butter in the early parts of his career. But it's gonna be very excited to see how jailing green of just progresses and grows in his nba career. He i mean you know. He's got jump shot. Three point shot the transition game. He's going to be a very fun Rookie to watch houston and when you look at that potential starting lineup. You've got christian. Would at the center position. I think they should go small here. Just play that running gun style that houston loves to go with shaun tait at power forward. Kp j. at small four jalen green at the garden at the shooting guard and john wall at the point guard It is possible that they go In a different route. They're maybe Go with kenyon martin. Junior at the power forward spot. Sean tate at small forward and maybe have jalen green at the at off the bench. If you because. I doubt they're gonna bench john wall with the amount of money that he's getting but still it's going to be a very exciting prospect to watch as he grows throughout his.

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