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12 to 15 in clinical trials, witness testimony resuming in the trial of Derek showed in the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd on Governor Baker announces the state is investing more than 13 million to preserve and produce housing units for vulnerable residents. On the road today and the big reveal President Biden unveiling a huge infrastructure proposal compared to FDR's new deal that could be a tough sell for some congressional lawmakers. Republicans are already balking at the cost, and ABC. Cecilia Vega outlines how much it might cost things like roads, bridges, railroads. Broadband. It's also gonna focus on clean energy like electric cars. Then in the coming weeks, they're going to shift to this so called human infrastructure That's gonna be reportedly things like paid leave for workers Universal pre K tuition free community college. The price tag on both of these past, potentially as much as 3 to $4 Trillion Republicans claim the proposal is too big and again has too many provisions. They don't like the tax hike in this the corporate tax hike and some progressive Democrats say No, it's not enough, so we'll see what happens. Meantime, the body in administration also wants to get more cove in 19 shots into the arms of Americans. A CBS is Candy, McCormack reports. A big part of the strategy is using more local pharmacies. Jay Patel of Greenhill Pharmacy and Delaware plans to be busy. This actually makes everyone's.

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