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Back to the fundamentals you have to look at it the big picture what we really did was we went through a seventy year span where technology outpaced our understanding of what was going on so what we might have known for our whole lives as business is not really what business is business is what it is now and we've just gotten back to the way it was in eighteen hundreds of seventeen hundreds and sixteen hundreds all the way back to where people were fucking selling fuckin vegetables out of their caveman garden you know what i'm saying absolutely and i would i would add that it's not just business to consumer but it's it's also business the business i was talking to jason he was saying how important it is that when you offer something like through i former whatever that you what you advertise what you offer is actually what you deliver because if you don't then the merchant accounts that take the credit cards if they get a bunch of complaints they're like all right we're not gonna let us our services anymore and then you're screwed now dude you know what i'm saying you can't win business right now and this is what people have to understand and this is the dangerous mentality that we have in business is i have all these young entrepreneurs want to be entrepreneurs and they're like hey i'm gonna they got this fucking they got this fucking scam get rich quick mentality okay everything they have has a little bit of fucking snake oil in it right it's like i'm going to so people this and i'm gonna run facebook ads this and i'm going to do this and it's all of it's got like this angle to it and those guys are like they're missing the point like yes you could probably make a living going from product to product product product and trying to fuck in scam everybody but you're never going to fucking crush longterm you're never going to build a real brand you know you're missing the point and they're spending eighty eighty percent of time on on facebook ads and twenty percent of their time on actual visits product or.

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