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It here let's begin this week here's a great odd man out with the help of listeners Philip late them from Greenville Kentucky doctor Tom Schwartz of Palm Beach gardens Michael Berger of New York New York and Daniel Coleman who for some reason steadfastly refuses to give us his whereabouts was a traffic accident wasn't which which one of them is the odd man out Caroline nine which is the odd man out Nashville Carolina Baltimore and Pennsylvania station okay well it's not Penn station because that looks like it's the one that would be the odd man out okay therefore it can't be because that's too obvious Nashville Carolina Baltimore and Pennsylvania station rather oh gosh Nashville home of warranty I know this is one of my favorite I've been so out of all sons and I think maybe sounds song Carolina on my mind you're just about there also there are no Baltimore actually is a song in Baltimore I read Newman yeah yeah and Caroline is a song Astros not are they saying six five thousand no that's when the station's nothing if you're dancing all around if you got five points because Nashville is indeed the odd man out but do you know why not for the reasons we were coming any help from the other that was not a song Nashville is not a good song this the movie is a movie the other three are I'm sorry I I thought you'd get this win Nashville isn't on the route of the Chattanooga Choo Choo this.

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