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Soft what sound from yonder podcast breaks tis the east and the rare mlb show is the son this is the rare mlb show my name is michael bowman i'm your host and a staff writer at the ringer as always we are part of ringer podcast network be sure to listen to the latest edition of our music podcasts called on shuffle with host mike pieterse and if you enjoy written content be sure to check out the ring dot com or the nba draft guide is a multimedia toward a force a concord moment in the integration of prison design you also might be interested in our world cup content world cup starts this week i wrote about mexican national team and the role that soccer plays and cultural identity and might goodman the god wrote about how to watch the world cup like nerd as if i have any other choice but to lead off today's show we're going to be sticking a baseball unfortunately as our tiny watch was that cram takes a turn for the tragic shohei otani he is going to be on the dl potentially going to miss the rest of the season potentially going to miss all twenty nineteen so i'm not really looking forward to this akram writer for the ringer dot com we've pulled ourselves out of morning all about the content so what i wanna know first of all is what do you look forward to covering now that the ringer will no longer be talking about baseball since shohei ohtani on the shelf at least for a little while and the news broke the same day that the nba season ended with the warriors sweeping the final so basketball is over for the meantime as well i guess we have the world cup roll up so that's exciting that elastic about halfway to the world series and beyond that there's very very little and yes you say this as a joke but this was the most fun story by far of the twenty thousand season and now it's potentially gone for a year and a half and fell training camp maybe we'll we'll do a big package about the welte.

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