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Spoke with her own facebook man and she phase still man you know we we have these now the man but we steer brothers when it come down the drag come up here with me george head the drag ratio several years ago you'd kill up here in guest with us that was a lot of fun wasn't it man if i really had about when we're going to get you back up here next couple of weeks you come up and hang out nassau richard stevenson yesterday and he showed me a picture you pontiac man you don't that's a new paying for me now man we have those crews is man and today we supposed to be awful exit one that now behind i think it's walmart mccain in mukalla and the knicks weekend is supposed to be leave jacks and then ever folks aired it is that ask the joe appeal and i'm not from london for calls of all he he say that most of water do you all work in progress but he really really really look thing is twenty five feet long gets away i think my gloaming in heels but only thing about it we hear a showdown in grades last week seventy three brew with longer than my party what years is a seventyfive model seventy six seventy six okay man it rather live for one older man from neighbor who grew up man the we day about the car brand new and it's a one owner car man and it's he's just a joy way and even have it in six that's a lot of fun dixie i can't wait to see you back your detract you know you and i had some health problems getting you know get this back and getting back man but we back up we kick we might not be kagan habla we kicking and we just work could continue to pray follow the people man this loss apart i family man and fournette happens man is is just a big lost in those man we've been we've made freeze for good lord twenty years hanging out us to track and it's just you know get up here it's just a big family what it is it and that's exactly what it is what i got the.

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