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Awesome. A couple of drafts to build up the base of prospects. And they will they know that they'll get a lot more good pub and good vibe, if they're they have a Harper type player at the major league level while that's going on. I just I wonder if our hand from his days with the eighth. I mean looks around and says, hey, we stockpile a lot of good young talent. But people want to come to the games. But then you see what he didn't LA. And this is still the guy who traded for dosier and Machado lamb. I mean, he's still capable. He just doesn't he doesn't have the capability to do that. Because there's no talented trait. Yeah. Okay. Well, whatever happens. I mean, I I'm not naive like, oh, they're going to be good. I'm just saying I would go into the season. And just say, hey, you know, you watch for a couple of months can't get they they lose opening day. They're gonna suck. You gotta wait and see. And then after two months, then they suck at classic National League home opener against the Tampa Bay rays. Yeah. That is weird. Why do they always open on the road to? It's a Seattle raise last year with Seattle. I think they're open in San Diego could be Manny Machado, Machado's new home to gosh. That's right for what is it four in. At the dodgers. And they come back, and then we get the raise. Yeah. Man gory. Roy Doria has got a score to settle. I'll tell you who you work with today, Marcus Thompson coming in a minute. So we'll talk to David Lombardi later about some of the stuff going on with the Niners. And we'll we'll go over some of his cabinet stuff to and get ready for the all star game. This we you know, he knows Draymond green him because he said that. Sports copes and Marcus they start now in San Francisco KFC and HD two San Mateo, the sports leader. See you Monday. Very good. Great.

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