India, President Trump, Chief Minister discussed on Global News Podcast - Inside Yemen: a country in humanitarian crisis


That's another major issue because of corruption level is so high in india that if you want to get a licence you can pay money and get your license now the government has been trying for the state government ussl as the central government they've been trying hard to impose certain restrictions on who can get a driving licence but it is impossible i still remember about fifteen years ago journalists who managed to get in delhi driving licence in the name or for the country's president and also the chief minister of delhi so if you pay money you can get anything in india the principle is that corruption level especially in the transport sector is so high that's why the transport minister today said in parliament that nearly thirty percent that is one third of the country's driving licences are bogus madison from next month the us government will forbid it citizens from travelling to north korea the move follows mounting tension with pyongyang over its nuclear program as well as its treatment of a young american tourist who died soon after being released from jail there so what about tourists visiting the country from elsewhere in the world a correspondent john sutcliffe is in the chinese city of dandong on the border with north korea dandong is at 'extraordinary city naughtily sold right it's towerblocks that neon lights the karaoke bars in the busy traffic a much like any other chinese city but it's 'extraordinary for the comparison with what lies opposite on the other bank of the river.

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