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Realm is just going to be like, okay? Well, you know, she won the election. So we're stuck with her like, yeah, I feel I know the iron throne literally will not even exist. You think it's going to be physically destroyed throughout? No, I think everyone's going to be dead. And then the white walkers are gonna kill it. I think they're gonna walk right past the fucking iron throne. They're gonna kill everyone. And the final scene is going to be like the iron throne like tipped over while the white walkers just continue to walk, and I don't know what they do after that. Just keep walking. We'll sad depressing ending. Well, guess what Ramsay Bolton said it best. If you think that this has a happy ending, you have not been paying attention. But so winter has come before. Right. Isn't it always like winter is always long in western house? But it's not that the white walkers root. This is a new thing. They thought the white walkers were dead, right? But the sending. Sending for some reason. Do we know when the last winter winter is like this was so it's set right now in the long summer. So it's been like ten years since there's only ten years. It's not okay. But like the winters are usually like two three years, you know, they're not like ten thousand year winters, the long night that was the long long winter. It was like a generation not ten thousand years was probably like fifty years or so I I mean, I looking at me like that. And because they think that there's gonna be a long winter. There would just be a king or Queen rural west rose during a winter. And you're saying this is coming. It's going to wrap it all I mean, you know, John Johnson was the only guy who's out here. Like, it doesn't matter. What your petty differences aside? People are zombies coming if he told me anything, they don't believe it. That's why they were like let's go get one and bring back which was the dumbest plan of all time. I would listen to him. You know? Yes, I feel like people should listen to him wouldn't. I mean, I don't know. I gotta I gotta heartache I don't think Harrington's thought I think if he don't think other character tennis hot, I think John Hillis hot. All right. I agree with that broody. He'd like he's so Email so Email Danjean. He's nice to like the one person. Bench engine. But he like, you know, every girl wants a guy like mean to everyone, but nice to her. What I do what I will tell you is. I know for fact, I know this. I know it the honest gonna die the Andrei is going to die trying to rescue Yara, and it'll be his like heroes, redemption. He died to save her wons. Yes, folk, I know what people don't care, but he's like such. No knock Lewis like if he if he was not in this season. It wouldn't affect game of thrones at all. But you don't know that. That's I mean, we'll. There takes a plot to us where he really does matter. But I'm saying you could also just take him out. And no care. No, one would be like, where's Yara we need more Yara, but lack like the he just wrote too much Georgia Martin he bit off more than he calls. You don't even know.

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