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Yeah metro is urging people to try transit saying as a way to avoid surge pricing by ride sharing companies on new year's eve and now the kale BJ radar weather wise for today we'll see mostly sunny skies with a breeze this afternoon a high of sixty seven clear tonight and dropping down to thirty three tomorrow we'll see sunshine a high of sixty four Tuesday partly sunny sixty two and new year's day could feature a shower hi fifty six from the weather center I'm meteorologist bill decker right now fifty three in Hyde Park I'm Robert would get news on demand and news radio okay I'll be J. dot com hi welcome to this ad for new sublease fighter starting at one eighty nine each how do you want to cheer squad give me a one what what spell anything what why is the U. N. C. map for the cities of the six hundred dollars when you get a king that for the price the queen queen for twins get a free double bass we spend just four ninety nine don't miss our top five this leaves memory foam queen mattress now just three ninety nine visit Matt from dot com or store near you to try your perfect bed today your body stretches for matches firm of about four hundred visions of Robert a lot of us.

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