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Connor and I have the betting segues down. It's easiest thing. You either say safe bet or you play into what you have to say. Anyways, another person another player who people were very excited to watch and see at this prospect challenge was Fabian lysell first round pick and the world exploded when he scored that empty netter. First career goal technically to bruise uniforms and empty netter. Is that a good omen, bad omen? Remember, it wasn't Chris bork, who intentionally like missed the net to not get his first goal being empty netter I think. I forgot about it. I mean, I don't know. Are we counting the prospects challenges? First, no, we're not. We're not. We're not. What I would say from Fabian LaSalle's game, it wasn't anything wild. But it was good enough this weekend, right? I mean, it wasn't ridiculous, but he was pretty good. Yeah. I mean, that's why he's going to the WHL, right? He's 18. He's never played in North America before. So I think basically all you're looking for in a prospect's challenge is how easily is he getting worked off the puck? How much does his skill set get impacted by the rank size? And what kind of defensive game does he play? If you're Fabian lifestyle, your offensive game should probably be right around where it has been in a prospect's challenge, right? He got put in a very good situation on a line with. I think it was Sammy Aslan and Jacob or jacopo. And a hidden had very good chemistry. It looked like all week. And I think that is probably a sight of things to come in like the next three years. But you know, how much can you really glean from a guy playing from a bunch of kids his age? Ultimately, I think the fact that he didn't look out of place, sure he didn't set the world on fire, but his skating looked very good. Like the way he looks like he's just constantly buzzing is something else. And I think it'll be a learning curve of source for bruins fans because pretty much in David poster knock. And I guess you could say Charlie macklin. The bruins haven't historically exhausted high first round picks or mid first round picks on very offensively minded players. Like they like guys who defense the hallmark of their game. So I think what people are going to have to get used to.

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