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That, um, that is comparable to this team. As far as you know, when they clan or the record at a certain point. I can't remember exactly what it was. But that was the best he might play with US Giants he might played on self. Very disappointing to lose Skip on it in the first round. Yeah, you guys the 2000 team was the last team to be the first team in the majors to 90 hasn't happened in 21 years and then and then it was you guys are the only San Francisco teams ever to be the first teams to 90. The other one was 1921. Johnny McGraw doing his think so you got you. You guys on this team are the first the only teams in Giants history to be the first team to 90. Uh, yeah, but I know it's crazy, isn't it? Um, by the way, just you know, it's funny, Sean. Well, yeah, Go ahead. Do what you say. Well, I just think in 2000 expectations coming into the season were pretty high for that club Totally did it was for it was the first It was the first year in that new ballpark and Didn't start off well, but we end up with the best record in baseball at home that year, but this is a different group altogether. Totally. You guys had bonds. Kenton Birks in the 345. Billy Beane told me he thought that was the best 345 in baseball history. And and this team. This team doesn't even know who's hitting 3rd, 4th and 5th every day. One day, it's Tyra Strada. One day Slater in the three Hold Estrada in the five hole. You know what I mean? So wage wage juniors. We'll get into him in just a second. I don't know did a quick digression because you mentioned that 98 season burned into my head? That tough, tough loss of course. Field. Navy Perez offer Rob Men And then I remember the Monday playoff game at Wrigley, and then I never asked you about this show. There's a little bit of off the beaten path that 98 game at Wrigley. Tough loss. Steve Trachsel. What the hell was that? And then rod that got shot in? Seriously? What the hell was that? Sean? Human room. The thing that the thing that really hurt was was Rod Beck coming in to get that safe for the Cubs, his 51st save and he had been your team made a year earlier. I never asked you about Rod back. You guys have a good relationship. I love him and I miss him. Yeah, He's the best. Uh, Everybody had a good relationship a shooter because you're just happy. Go lucky Great Teammate. Just, uh, man. It's just It's sad to talk about him because, uh, us us she was still around. Um, Yeah, I know he was. He was great. I mean, I'll tell the story in, you know, in my first year in the big leagues Might have been my first start at home. A Candlestick. Um, I come into the weight room after a pitch and he had closed the game. And I wouldn't do something. Do some tubing or whatever it was. Yeah, I walk in, and he's on the on the stationary bike with ice pack on his elbow and his shoulder smoking a cigarette. And drinking a Coors light and I looked over and I was like, Hey, I just smiled like this is I go. This is the big league. Yeah, that's all time. I'm gonna I'm gonna burn that in my brain forever. Sean, that's fantastic in the South is the best and that hurt when he got that save against you guys In that game, he got Joe Carter on the ground. I think a comebacker I want to say And that was his 15 1st save that year, and he had been a giant the year before he got the double play ball from Eddy Merckx from Rich Murray. That's right, Daddy. Murray. Eddie. My said Rich. Yeah, Yeah. Eddie Murray. I mean, Yeah. 97 obviously daily. I think 97 saves thought that maybe he had, uh maybe he was losing a little bit, uh, physically brought in Berta Hernandez from the White Sox. Yeah. At the deadline in Roberto Close close some games that year was still shooters job, but you know Roberto was kind of the next man in line there. You could tell that the right because it was kind of on the wall and then you know he goes the Cubs the next year and like you mentioned 51 saved, so he wanted to prove to everybody, especially the Giants, and what a way for it to end for him and Harry Carey had passed the the off season before so You had the big balloon out right field of Harry's face. Uh, weird. Yes. Yeah. Just looming over a year. It was a really weird thing. And then Steve Trachsel goes out there and does what he does. And I think we had Mark Gardner on the mound. Cardi was pretty good. Well, he gave up. That's good. Yeah. Give it four runs. Yeah, wasn't bad and then And then we have a chick. We have a chance with shooter on the mound. We have a chance to tie the game. I believe with one swing of the bat and who comes up Joe Carter. I mean, you know, World World Series hero. Uh, what was it? You know, 10 years prior eight years prior to like, maybe this Maybe this is this is the right guy to be up right now. One big swinging the bat. We're back in this game and And a little bit of a buzzkill. There was Burke's hurt because I'm looking at, you know, he'd only pinch hit in that game underway. Didn't start him. Was he hurt? I don't remember him being hurt. No, I don't. But he would have been in the lineup. Had he not been. I mean, if you're able to pin shit, he probably wasn't hurt. Well, he just come over to the team. He had just come over to the team mid season. I guess I'm from the Rockies. Yeah, I remember. I forgot. You do it on the team in 98 I picture Ellis is 99 2000? Yeah. Yeah, that's that's where I remember him. But yeah, he must have been on the came over in the trade deadline. Trade. Uh, he he traded by the Rockies to the Giants for Darryl Hamilton, Jim Stoops. Nice trade by saves. Yeah..

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