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Andrew Mitchell has been charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter for the death of Donna castleberry last August castleberry was shot and killed on the back seat of Mitchell's unmarked police car during what the former officer said was an undercover prostitution operation at the time of the shooting. Police say that castleberry allegedly pulled a knife and cut Mitchell he turned then opened fire on her in September. Now, former police chief Kim Jacob suspended the operations of the vice unit following castleberry shooting. They're saying their final goodbye today. In Lancaster, the funeral. For a fallen soldier is being held today. Family and friends right now saying their final farewells to army specialist Joseph Colletti, he was killed in combat last month in Afghanistan rant is there. We will. Check in with Maria in just a few minutes one year after Ohio State officially acknowledged the allegations against now deceased athletics. Physician victims are still waiting for some answers. Eighteen was one the university recognized the investigation into Dr Richard Strauss. With over one hundred fifty former students and student athletes coming forward to tell their stories of sexual abuse. There's been no fun were from ocean on the matter two different lawsuits now heading into mediation and a federal agency has launched a probe into the university's response. Dr Strauss worked at the school from nineteen seventy nine to nineteen Ninety-seven and saw student athletes participated in at least sixteen different sports along with patients at the student health center Strauss committed suicide in two thousand five Scott Jennings. Newsradio six ten WTVN. WTVN sports. It's win. You're in for the blue jackets tonight in the Big Apple CJ can clinch a playoff spot. If they beat the Rangers face off from the garden is seven PM Jackson appoints tie with Montreal Canadian's loss to the capital's last night. Two to one head coach John Tortorella says his team needs to focus on their last two games. I know.

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