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Has released this china twenty twentyfive plan and basically told the rest of the world we're going to dominate every single emerging industry of the future and therefore your account and these aren't gonna have any future and now with another round of trade talks underway in washington between the president's economic team in china's vice premier we're joined in our bloomberg ninety nine one studios in washington by bloomberg news white house team leader alex wayne and there's been all sorts of reporting over the last twenty four hours alex about whether peter navarro is even taking part in these talks at the white house where is peter navarro right now this all started yesterday afternoon when arjun jacobs broke the story that navarro would be excluded from these talks with luhia today because of his behavior on the during the the us trade delegation to china a couple of weeks ago we didn't get a lot of details on how he behaved but axios smartly followed us with a great story i have to admit that said navarro actually gotten to cussing matches with steve mnuchin the treasury secretary and the commerce secretary wilbur ross so he he really kind of made a well i don't know if i can say the word on radio he really over there in beijing so i think mnuchin and ross did not want him to be part of these talks we don't have that confirmed but i suspect that's where this coming from and so the white house issued a statement midday yesterday announcing who would be part of the lou talk say navarra wasn't on the on the list and then these stories started coming out ours and then axios report and late in the day a white house official told us so await yes navarro navarro will be participating somehow we don't know whether that means.

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