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Network. Lungs part of your weekend. You're tuned into Tennessee matters. I'm Robert wan as we get into the new year. There are lots of people that might be thinking about new paths for their careers, of course, in economy in which the job market and different opportunities are always seemingly influx. It also seems so too are some of the things that people are looking for in their next employment opportunities that's part of what we're talking about. With the guest joining us on the phone this morning. He is the director of permanent placement services for Robert Half Nashville that stands show-me. Oh, dan. Good morning to you. Happy new year to you. Hey, good morning. Robert and happy new year to you as well. Talking a little bit about the way things are going in the economy and people looking perhaps for their next opportunities whether or not they're in a position or they're just between their different opportunities. But your company put together a study. Recently, looking at some of the dynamics surrounding some of the job search is what do we know? Well, there's actually some new with with the new year starting a lot of people are making new resolutions. And our office team division has done a survey. That's quite a few people here locally as well. And and we found that forty six percent of local employees are are looking for things like fitness facilities and programs and health and wellness offered by local employers here in Nashville, which is is greater than the national average pretty significantly as well when you're talking about some of these things I ve lived here in the mid state for almost four years now, but I spent a lot of time in the on the west coast and in the bay area. And so the things you're mentioning I hear things that that I guess maybe. A lot of high tech companies were the first to really make a conscious effort not only making these opportunities available to employees really making them a highlight in a in a prominent feature to employment in these particular companies one is this what we're talking about predominantly as far as the companies that were were mentioning, and is it is it is it does go beyond. Absolutely. It is. But it does go beyond just technology. Nashville Scott, one of the lowest employment unemployment numbers in the country. So because of that it's giving employees opportunities to to find things other than just salaries that are important to them. So I as as the market titans and NS as tight as it's ever been here locally, their employees are looking for other things that are more valuable such as work life balance and health and wellness, facilities, end or providing discount. Free gym memberships in those types of things when you're looking at some of the companies that have been I guess, maybe looking at whether they're adding these things or or supplementing some of these benefits that they already have. What's your sense of how the dynamic is shifting in Nashville? Are we talking about companies that are new to Nashville that where we see? That's our running joke in the mid state, right? The the unofficial bird here is the crane because of all the construction there's so many high rises and buildings that are coming in the newer opportunities that are provided by new companies coming to Tennessee, or we talking about existing companies that are maybe just trying to keep up actually think we're talking a little about a little bit of both. I think as so many new employers are coming into the city employers are realizing that to keep your top talent right now, you have to have you have to come up with creative ways to to keep them engaged in happy. And thriving in the workplace, and and health and wellness has become that much more of a staple in this environment. So if you're a lot of times these employers, and it can be your new companies, and you're well established companies as well. A lot of times the reason they promote these opportunities as they may not I mean for one it costs them significantly less than healthcare expense. If your employees are healthy. When we're talking about some of these benefits, and and some of these perks, obviously, the fact is that for some industries and some companies these are still worlds away from a reality for for for a lot of workers. But understanding that the probably more and more companies are going to have to provide some of these these different opportunities and features and benefits. What are maybe the hot items that you you suspect people are looking for most well from an employer perspective, some of what's being offered, and and employees potential employees as well are discounted gym memberships or I played golf earlier or last week, and I played golf, and I what one of my the friends that I was playing golf with. He's rewarded substantially from his healthcare provider from an from his employer for for keeping an elevated heart rate for. For for tracking his steps those types of things. So those are some of the things that are provided fitness discount on gym. Memberships is one area that's done. Sometimes it's it's doing a company sports team or a company jogging club or walking club. Those types of things that sometimes they don't cost a lot the employer a lot of money to to get those things started within a workplace, and it really helps overall productivity from employees as well. If you're just joining us Dan show from Robert Half nationals joining us as we discuss some of the dynamics that are going on in modern day twenty nineteen job searches. And and I guess for that for that matter job retention is a lot of what we're discussing. I think it's still safe to say you're free to correct me or expound on. This is the fact that a lot of some of what we've just discussed with some of these these benefits that go with these competitive. Lisa after jobs. There's we're still talking predominantly white collar jobs. We're not talking about a lot of a lot of blue collar opportunities, and maybe even service industry type positions that that that's still a fair assessment. Yeah. These are mostly office related jobs at I'm referring to from from our study. What are remember when I was in the bay area? And a lot of this was becoming like, hey, wow. Yes. It gets to do this kind of stuff the ones that were at that point. They were new where opportunities like you get your laundry done onsite. You just had to bring it. And they would you know, they'd bring it back to you. By the end of the day, kind of thing the transportation where you can get on the bus that would take you anywhere from within like an hour ninety minute radius away that it would come pick you up. Those were the ones that were were knew what are some of? Maybe the things that people aren't thinking of that. That are I guess. Maybe the things that are the jewel benefits these days. Well, those are certainly still things that are offered as well. And if you go outside of the healthcare, flexible, flexible scheduling is now kind of important as Nashville continues to grow, and the traffic is getting worse than it was it's nothing like some of the other major cities, but it's continuing to get worse. And and more and more people are moving here. So so flexible scheduling parking downtown a few years ago, it was pretty easy. And now it's become a pretty expensive to employees es and four employers to handle in terms of assistance with their employees. So oftentimes there there's there's some partnerships with the downtown with national national downtown partnership where they provide free parking at titan stadium and shuttles or so part, but parking reimbursement for for parking can be valuable in the downtown area and other areas that's not as sizeable but back to the healthcare. Side. A lot of employers are offering desks now that are more advantageous such as sitting standing even some we've heard are offering like walking treadmill type of desks that people can work out as well. As we wrap this up ten maybe put a button on this. Because the fact is that while companies in general their their people to be happy. There's clearly a financial dynamic to this financial benefit to all of this. Not just ahead. So cool that they're serving lasagna on Tuesdays. That's the that's not what they're getting that. There are financial benefits for companies that provide all these things that might sound like they're their financial luxuries talk just generally about how that how those numbers are are going as far as, you know, why companies want to continue to do these kinds of things then for our listeners that are interested in finding out more about what your team found out in in this study where can they go online to learn more about some of the. The things that you've discovered. I absolutely. So in in this environment where Nashville unemployment rate, I believe in the one that just came out in January set for December the unemployment rate Nashville, I believe it was two point five or two point six percent. And so because of that employees are having to compete outside of just a straight salary in and to do that some of these things sound expensive, but replacing current employees where you have to go back in you have to try and find a talent as this not this not extensively out there right now, and to retrain and and to cover that the area when when you're short, and and your staff with other people that are over taxed as well. It's difficult. So it's a lot less expensive for employers to create a workplace or an environment where their employees right now are have a better work life balance or. Able to to stay healthy it costs employers less on insurance as well. In in terms of expenses from please that have health issues if they're able to keep their their overall workplace healthy, so in this environment, some of these things might sound menial, but they really are important to a lot of employees in this environment. And so in order to keep that, it's very important for employers to think outside the box, and sometimes they can be wasted aren't that expensive to to have a sports team for your for your -ployees or to offer a walking running club, or, you know, have a professional come in to do to do some health assessments or something like that it costs a lot less than than to dilute the employee, and then spent time trying to replace in retrain that employees. So it's Robert Half dot com is a is a great place for people to go, Dan. She joining us today. Hey, Dan, thanks for your time. And it's good insights on some pretty important to a lot of people. So thanks for spending some time with us this more, Robert thank you very much for having me. Really? Appreciate it in. Now is a great time to be an employee in Nashville looking at opportunities there. Yeah. I'm Robert wine and this Tennessee radio network. Iheartradio is the easy to use app for music and radio. 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