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Ad campaigns codeveloper wrote to the company's vice president the camel ads were to be quote directed toward using peer acceptance and influence to motivate the target audience to take up cigarettes so pretty uncool yeah that's definitely not cool well i gave i feel like we need to close on a happier note with our last fact here and i've got good news for you i know you're a fan of cooking and so i found a new cookbook for you i'm going to have it waiting for you here in atlanta the next time that you're here and it's called the chiquita banana recipe book and it's published by united fruit company this was back in nineteen forty seven and it's kind of weird to think about a time when bananas were considered this exotic fruit and people didn't know exactly what to do with them and so now you have this cookbook to tell you exactly what to do but there are a ton of suggestions for how to use bananas and recipes and i know you're vegetarian gay but i found this recipe in here that that might make you change your mind and it's for ham banana roles with cheese sauce and i i wanna confess it almost makes me gag a little bit just saying the name of that recipe but but what do you think you think it's worth a try yeah i mean if anything's going to get me back on the meat wagon that that's probably is all right well for your bravery and willingness on that front i think that alone gives you the fact off trophy so congratulations gape oh it's an honor thank you will and thanks to eve's jeffcoat for her help with today's research we'll be back with a full length episode tomorrow so we'll why did you bring a poonal into the studio again because i'm inspired mango guess how many different things you can make with just one pool well i mean i guessing at least one thing because that's a very nice hat you've got their whole thank you very much and you're about to find out just how many more you can make because of this hilarious new show it's called making it and it's tv's alternate craft competition so you know i was just talking about how excited i am about the show because i'm a huge fan of both nick offerman and amy poehler the host of the show parks and rec was one of my favorite all time shows and i know one of yours too so i really can't wait to see him back together again i'm the same way now i know nick is a master woodworker he owns a woodworking shop builds canoes tables you name it but what's amy's connection to crafting i think she said she knows nothing about crafting but when you're smarter she is i think that's perfectly fine i think you're right well on making it eight talented artists will push their skill and mastery to the limit and compete for a chance to win one hundred thousand dollars now may go you're one of the most creative people i know i feel like you should be on this show i don't know about that but i do love the idea of a show that believes creativity lives all of us and that there's no better way to express yourself than by making something by hand plus you know i love any show that makes us feel good and i have a sneaking suspicion that that's exactly what this show is going to do so don't miss the premiere of making it right after america's got talent on tuesday july thirty first on nbc

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