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We're in. You're wrong. You know when the energy are in the bean accident, Attorney studios have you been injured in an accident? Call the law. Offices of energy are in the bean. 1 807 47 free. That's 1 807 473733 You're listening to an all eighties weekend, John Hughes, creator of Mr Mom and National Lampoon's Vacation comes another Get up. First of all, w Ves CFM West PALM BEACH, South Florida's sunny Windows 79. You, brother go to attain Where you ever girl for me? You, You, you, You ever messed with me? You just the farm over, baby. You just the fun, Both of you, just the farm monster. Just the barbell. You put my friends. You come by my name. Mm hmm. You can be young in years. You turn me wrong. You get the car most hated you, Dr Farmer. My mom's baby the farm over just like how many such a 73 To make to the sky Never been. So how you been lucky he's um um I hope you must look beautiful. You can't karma karma, but detainee Oh, Even though you just horrible, even just the farmer farmer. Thank you, Ramon. You have a first for me to tell me you are most room later. Each farmer karma, even if you just do what you do. I don't know. I mean, it turned you talkto found on me Sunny windows 79 West Palm Beach is home for Michael Jackson. She was more like beauty queen from a movie scene. Don't mind doing me in I under one. Around. She's am one dance go around. Burning building cost a green one. You know, you can do a lot of joy. What was I understand when you dance a little. It's my baby. Three to get your photo with bright eyes like mine. Go dance. Oh, Lord. But I always told me Be careful what you do. Don't go around.

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