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Respond to his commands. Still homage cutting deputy art wall and shot and killed Peter's after a high-speed chase last October. A task force report obtained by the herald says Wallin opened fire because Peter's dot show his hands as ordered Peters girlfriend was into vehicle with them and says Peters was paralyzed because Wallin another deputy on the scene shouted conflicting commands congressman Dan Newhouse as a Trump administration plan to sell off. The transmission system of the BPA will lead to higher electricity bills Republican from central Washington was one of three leaders at a bipartisan letter to the house committee on the budget opposing changes to the system. The letter was signed by sixty two members of congress and says any sale of assets to private entities is likely to result in attempts by new owners to charge substantially increased transmission rates for the. Same service. Local college leaders are expected to say more today about a big gift from Amazon as komo's Brian Calvert tells us, the money is designated for women and minorities Seattle university points to what had caused deep history of educating women and underrepresented minority students in science and engineering. Forty percent of fulltime faculty are women three of whom are department chairs forty three and a half percent of science and engineering. Students are women to continue this quest. Seattle. You leaders say Amazon gift of three million dollars goes to its new center for science and innovation where the money will be used to specifically expand opportunities for women and minorities in stem careers. The school says it committed itself to offer more opportunities to these groups six years ago by doubling the number of female and ethnic science technology, engineering and math graduates construction of the new center for science and innovation is expected to begin soon. Brian Calvert, KOMO news, sailors, had to be rescued while hiking and Mason county yesterday. The sheriff's office says the sailors were hiking underneath the. Steel bridge in the Olympic forest when they got stuck on some cliffs the sheriff's officer people not to hike under that bridge. A heartbroken. Mother is grieving that our son agreeing for her son will killer is still on the loose royale. Lexin was shot and killed Friday afternoon. Komo's Tammy matassa spoke to the mom, Laura. Walker never thought she'd be leaving balloons marking replace her son was gunned down in broad daylight memories of re-electing lit up, the central district block where the nineteen year old was shot as mom says he was a smart kid never involved with gangs and about to start a new job..

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