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The question really does come down to who's going to be the Republican nominee. Anyways, we look forward to 2023. I think it's going to be a challenging year economically. We're going to continue to be dealing with mass inflation. I think the Denmark analyst has appointed the Forbes contributor who wrote that he wouldn't be surprised to see it at 4000, included some of the reasons I outlined to earlier coupled with the fact that China now and I talked about this the other day, China has been buying up a lot of gold in ways that they haven't certainly not since 2019. So if you see more and more foreign entities as they grow more nervous about the world, going to non dollar denominated assets, things like gold, then you'll also see some upward pressure on gold in that environment. Anyway, the most important thing for you is an individual and as an investor, I think is really understanding with a realistic sensibility. The challenges that are out there, the opportunities and the challenges, and you kind of get to be able to cut through this noise. There's a lot of noise out there and both political parties want you to believe something or think something. And the truth is you just need to know what's really, really going on. So when I told you inflation was coming back in, oh, let's see what August of 2020, I wasn't kidding, and I remember taking a little bit of heat at the time because people were like, hey, you know, you gotta be thoughtful about the pressures that people are facing because this was still, you know, when the economy was shut down, et cetera, and I said, look, yes, I get it. People are facing a lot of pressure right now and what our government did, and I stand by this was just so flat out wrong. We needed a strong economy to fight that thing and to shut us down like they did was just to me sort of incomprehensible. You take care of those that need to be taken care of, but you allow the economy to still function for everyone else. So we got ourselves into this mess. We're still in this mess and this mess isn't going away. In fact, I would suggest that we could be looking at a kind of lost decade, really. And so you need to be aware of these things you need to be positioning your things and it's a lost decade, not quite like we've seen in the past. This is the last decade with runaway inflation, factor did, that is my view again. I'm not your financial adviser. I have to always sort of qualify all of this, but I encourage you to just be thoughtful about understanding your own finances and making sure that you are prepared for the long haul, and there's lots of great ways to do that right now. You know who I always make sure is prepared for the long haul. That's my little dog fluffy. And again, if you have not met fluffy, go over to my YouTube channel because you can see him there. 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It's the reason why I keep hitting on these issues over and over and over again. I know it's fun to look at the political arena and we do that. But you need to understand it within the context of what's really going on in the world and how it's going to affect your finances because ultimately that's what matters to you and your family. Your health and your finances..

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