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Would like to join us for any tech related questions or movie related questions. And also if you can't think of the title of movie, describe it for us, and we can probably help you out with that too. If we don't know it certainly our listeners probably will. So I'm trying to think of what Audrey Hepburn last movie was because she was in. I know what it is. Was it always always always Spielberg spill movie? Yeah. That's by the way. That's a that's a a a vastly. Underrated Steven Spielberg movie. I thought that movie was I thought that movie was really terrific. It was a good movie. And it didn't, you know, didn't go over well as big as Spielberg's other movies, but I really liked it. And I loved her. She made a nice appearance in that. But that was the last movie always. Yeah. And he really wanted her to to do that, you know, she didn't really want to she was involved in so many other things that acting was. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And she hadn't she did. You know, she was in. He was in Peterberg, Don movie, they all laughed that was in the early eighties. She did a TV movie. And then always there was a big break because she sixty seven she did wait until dark. She didn't do Robin and Marian until seventy six which by the way, a great movie. If time have you ever seen a Robin Marian with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn. I have not had the pleasure really, really terrific. She was in bloodline. They all laugh love among these TV movie her last movie was always she didn't make a ton of movies. No, she made a big impression with not a huge some of these some of the people that you go to their IMDB page. It's like nine scroll down fifty fifty feet to see all their credits this not so much. But you know, I it's like anything else Nick in Hollywood. There's you rarely hear about all the roles that different actors actresses turned down. Yeah. And also, she was an activist to she did a lot of a lot of work as a as an activist. You know, the other the other night, Jeff, I was lucky enough to to have have screened Alfred Hitchcock's north by northwest. We had a really big crowd and everybody was so fantastic to see on the big screen. I mean, the crop duster scene and the amount Rushmore sequence amazing on the big screen. Absolutely amazing. And we had a really big crowd. And that reminds me bring that up is because Cary grant's in and carry charade with Audrey Hepburn, which was a really great movie. So, but she she was she's an amazing actress and just beauty just a an actual beauty. So the seven movie collection to give away. But first we've got some people who are calling and texting with some questions. Let's see what we can do here. Here's Rick WGN. Hi, rick. I doing. All right. What's up? Well, there is a great movie if you like horses in great scenery stars Don Johnson, it was when the army would change over from orces into mechanized army. The army decided they were gonna shoot all orces Dan Jansen still take some up in Canada. And do you know you're trying to figure out the name of this movie? Yeah. Do you know how long hold how old it is? I think it's in the seventy early eighty seventies early eighties. Okay. Well, I don't know that went off beat of hand. Do you know? Yeah. That's that's in pursuit of honor in pursuit of honor. From it's actually from nineteen ninety five. It was a made for cable. Oh made for cable. Okay. Those are sometimes hard to find. In pursuit of honor. If I will say this though, because sometimes these TV movies, you know, they don't really get a good DVD or Blu Ray release a lot of a buddy pursuit of honor from nineteen ninety five and it is actually vailable on prime video. So if you if you subscribe to prime video, you can watch it, and I'm sure it's available on video on demand. So just look for it that way, Rick. Okay. All right, buddy. Good idea. What? All right, there you go in pursuit of honor. Don johnson. Very good after you. Remember, the oh, man. What was the name of the movie dead bang you ever? See dead bang. Oh, good movie you ever see. Oh, yeah. One of my favorite scenes ever is hall in the movie. He's copies alcohol cop in the movie. And it's a John Frankenheimer directed if I'm not mistaken. Yeah. He did. Didn't he it was Frankenheimer? Yeah. But here's the one thing that I remember about the one thing that I clearly remember about that movie. He's he he he's he's a total south in in the movie, and he gets hammered one night, and then has to get up because they're going to raid. This this house where these drug dealers or whatever I don't remember the details, but he gets he gets loaded the night before completely load any wakes up, and he's completely hung over. This is the one thing that I remember about the movie, I remember liking the movie, but remember the most which I thought was like a great realistic touch because if you are severely hung over the last thing you need to do is get into a foot chase in the middle of the summer. And that's exactly what happens when they do the rate. He's all he's still screwed up from the night before. And he looks terrible. And obviously if you have a massive hangover, and you're still a little bit trunk that awful feeling. And so he gets it gets in there. They do the rate and then some dude runs so he's got to chase him. So he's doing a foot chase for a long time. And he finally gets the guy tack. Them. He flips the guy over and vomits all over. It's one of my I'm telling you, it's what I was like, yes, of course, that when you see cop movies or something like that. And someone is drinking and they get completely loaded and the next day. They're running around like, it's okay. There's no after-effects. I thought that was like, yes. Of course, he's gonna follow it on this guy. I guess he knocked the guy out and the guy wakes up you puke. Like, that's that's a nice touch. That's a nice little detail when they're nice job Frankenheimer. So okay. Aubrey Hepburn Audrey Hepburn was was wonderful actress, let's give away another set of the seven movie collection. Listen closely, everybody first person through who can answer this question. We'll get a great copy of the seven movie collection, featuring Audrey Hepburn. Tell us the name of the famous actor who was originally offered. The role of Alfred Doolittle in my fair lady. He pulled out of the film at the last minute and Rex Harrison was chosen to reprise his role that he performed on Broadway. All different type of movie. Yeah. But who is the actor was the actor who was originally offered the role of Doolittle in my fair lady. He turned it down. And then he turned down. He pulled out of the film at the last minute. And then Rex Harrison who was did it on Broadway got the part. But who was the original actor? Very very famous actor who was the original actor who was offered the role Doolittle and then pulled out at the last minute. And this is crazy. I can't believe this is true. It is. Okay. All right. I trust you. I trust you. But it just seemed and you're not kidding. It would have been completely different movie. But we'll tell you why would have been a completely different movie when we get the answer. Okay. First person through three one two nine eight one seven two hundred three one two nine eight one seven two hundred who was the original actor who was offered the role Doolittle in my fair lady. And then Rex Harrison had to fill in for this famous actor, Jeff hang on. Okay. We're gonna take a break we come back and answer to that question. We got a yet another set of the Audrey Hepburn movies to give away and we want you to call in and text in with your questions about blue Ray DVD. If you're looking for something that's coming out on DVD. Jeff's going to give us all that. In a preview of what's coming out on DVD and Blu Ray. And when those releases and all that cool stuff. So that's all coming up right here on seven twenty WGN. Occasion, you painted the town read now your opportunity to that town blue explain how you can actually raise money for great. 'cause it's been a volatile week for the market, dizzy, sunshine explains. What happened with Anna davlantes, Chicago's conversation is on seven twenty WGN..

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