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I soon day is in the modern line moving with wave outs to you know, in waves are fun pointed to be she's of Lagos lovey to east lead going to say, well, all shots our guy TJ, so we start to Iraq. So sweet sports Josina Josina who dumped oh shot in people. I don't know what these provide not Jay. CJ? I know I don't true, you know, brew. No me. Oh. Oh, sorry. Yes. So you shall see him. I've been of wrecks wall, small Salisu unsee, lovey or. Yeah. Shows me love them onto you vaunt as well for. Sure. Okay. I don't know how she's rocks for her. I love stand up comedian and she's actually funding. How funny people for a person has done stand up? I appreciate a good stand up. Can't forget them. Can't forget Bozon as well. I don't know how eat that. She's great. I think she's absolutely doped. She's wonderful. But until I know these people, I don't know them into ones. I fire. Okay. My momma bows. I. Or more. They agree. It's I come out here giving I'm just saying that the reason why that's why she calls the team, and they gave you the kinda guy when I tell you gotta go back to that. Oh god. You don't get enough credit for your jokes? I try these bad jokes. Take a good amount of time. I agree with you that good. I'm. I'm here all week. Leslie, I can't tell you, right. Fat joe. Bauer. You're now tuned into bed jokes with tune in bowel. Tune in next week for I just got back a series. But it I saw really good one on Twitter. It was a really good one show me I took a screen shot of 'cause at the Senate. So I'm Navin, you know, Navin loves the bad jokes. Oh, of course. Yes. Asan Ivan DJ like and so now I've ever in my couple. South sedan that so it's as Canadian let's watch a movie American have you seen Titanic Noel new and then Canadian what's that about? And then it goes American goes. Yes, it was a huge one that sank. But you gotta say the Canadian where was that about? So it's like it was that of boats, and then goes, yes, it was a huge on that same. So bad. It's good. It's so bad. He got threats for that joke that joke. He wrote us in twenty sixteen. He still getting threats from Canadians amazing. China's people, you know, people that really like take the time to profess a bad joke. You have a special place in my heart. No do of you do like to own a bad jokes. You have to like come on China's to everybody they'll never make Caroline's on Broadway, but will make everybody in their living room. Laugh. We see awkwardness was bad like damn that was funny. That's crazy. Wow. Crazy. So yes music time. Oh shows like I just want to say this all the artists that see we're showing them love and give us love back to yourself. This might song of the week last week showed us love on his Graham, duly Bernie. Yes. Good guy up too big to to eat. I have my song on if you have your song. Oh, no. You can't go gang is. Okay. You haven't to go fast. Right. So I'm gonna go with on our best. Does that yourself Saudi that your song because that was going on again, you're gonna call from your Koby inference? That was going on. We're not judging your lifestyle. So. My song is from the artist king blue. Wow, peo- you. Mine's is known.

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