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Amy Schade rock good morning eight thirty protesters angered by the death of a black man who died while pleading for there is a white police officer kneeled on his neck and now torched a Minneapolis police station that the department was forced to abandon the mayor of Minneapolis sticker prices number of essential businesses were damaged or destroyed user banks that people rely on to get cash grocery stores the people rely on to get through the pharmacies that people rely on to get medicine they are essential to our community and we need to make sure that they are protected Thursday marked the third night of violent protests earlier in the day the governor activated the National Guard at the mayor's request CNN news crew was arrested early this morning as protestors in Minneapolis set more fires last night including to a Minneapolis police station CNN new day anchor Alisyn Camerota described the scene for viewers as correspondent Omar Jimenez and his entire production crew were arrested if you're just tuning in you are watching our correspondent on one man is being arrested by state police in Minnesota we're not sure why our correspondent is being arrested police said they were arrested because they were told to move and did and they were all eventually released about an hour after the arrest and Jimenez eventually went back on air immediately after that president trump tweeted about the National Guard in the military being available to the state if looting and rioting continues to get out of control the present also commented on the death of Florida I can tell you I think what I saw was not good was not good very bad the president's tweet has caught criticism for reading when the looting starts the shooting stars Twitter flag the post saying it glorified violence but could stay up because of public interest the protests and violence continued all across the country at least seven people were shot as protesters and Louisville demonstrated against the killing of Brianna Taylor a black woman fatally shot by police in her home in March we've a police confirmed in a statement that were at least seven there were at least seven shooting victims with at least one person in critical condition here's what that sounded like.

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