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Michigan with football. I in ten early in the second quarter Jerry their own forty two. If I could I think it's pretty apparent that karate Hicken is not gonna play easy. You don't even have his helmet on. It's got a towel over his head. And when he stands in the offense at muddle every indication that he's not gonna play but down today we have seen two running back, so far it's been Chris Evans and true Wilson. Shotgun for Patterson Evans is to his left gives Evans Evans breaks it around the left side. One man risk. It's over the forty five for the forty six yard line. Then Bom mix the stop for SMU. Let's go over that SMU defense. Cox loveless bickers and Scott their front four then both more and Mitchell the linebacker corners, Jordan, Weidner son, Patrick, Nelson and Rodney Clements safeties and they will substitute liberally. In that defensive backfield. And in that front. Donald Robinson is over the line. Love linebacker now on the set second down and six from Michigan. Patterson in the shotgun. He's got the snap looking to his left getting pressure. He gets out of the pressure runs. The ball. He turns around gets outside keeps his balance. He makes a positive way to the forty nine yard line gain of two out of a play that should have been a sack. Wow. Nice play by shea Robertson. Talk about this capability shape. Patterson does he was absolutely buried. But he put his head down just a shoulder. Shrug it somehow came out of there. We we've heard talk of how elusive he is. But you know, that was two yards from from about a six yard law. Third down four now. Patterson standing in the shotgun. That is to his left back to throw blitz coming. Patterson throws. What a throw what a catch by gentry inside the thirty yard line Michael on who coverage with Jordan wide, but big pressure. Patterson? Saw it coming knew he was gonna get hit through a spot. And that's when gentry came up with a good for twenty four well middle linebacker, Richard more Trump's with the blitz, and he's unblocked and any hints Patterson right in the knees and shape Patterson boy, great job delivering that pass. Patterson now rolling his left looking troves. You've got a man open. That's perry. In paris. Got it inside the fifteen one of the strengths of shape. Patterson rolling to his off hand rolling to his left throwing accurately to grant Perry for a gain of twelve I down Robert Hayes and the not for SMU. And again, we talked about this ever since Notre Dame game shape. Patterson on the move. Extremely accurate. Thrower of the football. Not easy to do. Wilson remains the running back to the left of Patterson with Kunin motion to the right one receiver wide, right? Give true Wilson. He's got the edge. Brexit up to the ten inside the ten down to the eight yard line. Rodney Clements on the stop Michigan now knocking on the door after a gain of seven. Well, Rodney Clements saves a touchdown. Because if he's not there if he's not able to make that play on true Wilson he was going to end up in the end zone. Well, this is the second time now that Michigan. It's been in the red zone there. Oh for one. Gotta make it one for one. After this. Dr Evans, rather Evans is the running back there in the eye with a double tight end formation. Running formation Patterson under center gives to Mason and Mason pounds his way right over the center. Cesar Ruiz close to the five yard line. Derek Gary in the middle of SMU defense makes the stop. He's going to be about a half a yard short foot short the first down. Yeah. So it'll be third and one from the five and a half. And all they have to do is get to the five and they've got the first down. Well, Ben Mesa gets his first carry of the year after doing a lot of the lead blocking good for him. I bet that Phil Mason named the toughest man on the roster. Players last year. He is the up back in front of Evan. Under center Patterson, give to. Mason again, and he somehow works is way over the center and gets his first down to the four yard line. Gary makes the stop again, but the wolverines moved the chains. That's now first and goal from the four Jim if you'll remember for a couple of years, we watched the hammer doing that Khalid hill. Jim Harbaugh loves to give it to his wolfback in that situation. He's only two yards off the ball. Guys. Get a surge it is hard to keep the guy for pick it up a yard or two Saint formation. I formation behind Patterson mccune in motion and it's a fumble. And Patterson gets back on four actually going back to the five fumbled snap. Never a good thing in Michigan now gets no yardage on that play. It'll be second goal from the five now the exchange between Ruis Patterson wasn't cleaned. Somehow. Patterson was starting to come out didn't have the ball and thankful able to get back on it. In my observation delivered a very good snap. I think Patterson. Took his hand out prematurely. I formation Patterson. They roll right after one fake Patterson's. Got it at the five Jukes gets bound inside the five to the two yard line report brought out of bounds. Like, all new and Sutton along with more pressing on the stop third and goal now from the two boy it looked like he did. And that was pretty well defended out there on the edge by some you. Because when he first game around the corner, there was only a single defender and a lot of times he's got to decide if I go to play the receiver or am I going to am I gonna play the quarterback rolling out while they're going old school has been all I formation double tight end. And they do it again on third down and goal from the tube Patterson under center, I formation behind him. Give the Evans Evans tries right guard. He's struggling he's fighting. He does he does he get in? They're not gonna give it to him. They are marking him short of the goal line. And they will not give it to him both reveries on either side gave it short. And so it's now fourth and goal from the one foot line down on the sideline dot com. You got a view of it. Yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets better get review, I think he was saying I'm right on the goal line. Well, well now that I see a replay. When he when he sits down on his rear end. Here we go. I'm not sure the balls in Michigan actually SMU's calling a time out. This time out surged SMU, and I'm not so sure that doesn't help Michigan could take another long look at this reply. Doug. I just saw one look where he is trying to back into the end zone and went his but hits the ground. It didn't look to me like the football had broken to plane. I'm on the goal line and the balls on the far hash. So my I had a good look at it. But it was pretty far away. Yeah. I thought Rishon originally my son I thought touchdown. Here's what I hope. I hope you're looking at it yet. But here's what I think I think it's too close for them to review it to be quite Frank. If there is an indisputable video evidence, they will not overturn the call and in my. Case I'm looking at that. And I agree with Dan. I don't think you can make a determination one way or the other when he sits down on the goal line, Dan whether that ball is over the goal line. So I don't think they can reverse this now, I don't well. My estimation. They don't see enough to overturn it. That's exactly right. So if we see Michigan comeback out on offense, and we do this by will not be reviewed. It will be fourth and goal from the one foot line and Michigan will split two receivers. Meco Collins left people's Jones, right too tight ends. One setback is Evans, and now we've got another pause in the action. And I guess another time out. Southern methodist. They took they took tuna row with seven oh two left to play in the half the drama is mounting here in Ann Arbor is the wolverines looking like they're going forward on a fourth and goal from the one foot line. They have no score between SMU in Michigan. This is Michigan football dedication, attention to detail and.

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