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They're both in it to make themselves. Feel more important both that entire transaction. There was a transaction designed to inflate both of their egos and it works because everyone talks about it. I mean cost is if you need to find one person in America to ignore. Jim Acosta is wonderful nominee for that position. And this is an example of what people don't want anymore is it troubling at all to you Andrew that. There were a very large amount of reporters who were sending their support to Jim Acosta or that extreme. No, I I got to say the president of the United States is calling the media. The enemy the people. I mean, like, I've become berkey is the result of Trump coming in in Burke for anybody. That's not familiar with kind of the godfather of conservativism ripe for the revolution. This idea that we have these very important institutions that are underpinning American of American civil discourse. And he's kicking one of those legs, very hard. So I can understand having that like reflexive defensive other reporters in there just the second hand second. Because I I am I mean, I been taken on by two presidents now I have been in those rooms I have I have been at CNN, and I bet at FOX. So I consider myself a member of the press. I am you know, they don't like to say this. But I am right with them. I have joined their freedom of press organizations with all the lefties, I will support is supported freedom of the press when Obama was doing it. And they didn't care I've doing it now as well. But you the president does not have a right to shut anyone down. He does not have a right to silence. Anyone? However, you can't. You can't tell me that. I don't have a right to respond to things that I think I mean, they're not fair to him. I'm not let's not play. What aboutism. Sure. Okay. Because we can spend an hour doing him. I'll concede to that. Like if someone's just refusing to relinquish the microphone that's a situation indefinite make you kind of understand where he's where Trump is coming from. When he says that when you see how Jim Acosta behave towards him. Is that not there's no wind here. But. Break it down to this and ask this. I do not like nor do I agree with enemy of the people. I don't like when he says that. That repeatedly on. However. Forget take yourself take yourself as that alien ship that just was going around the sun. Okay. You're an alien in you're watching it's kind of like an invading force. I don't like that term. And it's not quite right. But it is kind of you know, they're saying I'm gonna cross your border, and you're going to try to stop me, and I don't care, and so it is kind of an invasion. I mean, a home invasion is a robbery. Okay. So it's not quite right. And I don't like it. Same thing with of the people they're not the enemy people. But they they are they they act at times as a an enemy of truth. Now, Donald Trump does too. But sometimes they're they knowingly move interactions that are absolutely unfair and untrue. If you are one of the legs of the table, which you are in an important one. You do have a responsibility to say, wait a minute guys. Is wait a minute. We gotta be fair and not have an agenda other than the truth. I would agree with that. That's true. Yeah. Absolutely. I I would agree. And I would just add onto your point about about it not happening in vacuum. I think you're totally right on that. I mean, there is a reason for reporters at times to be angry at Trump. However, most of them are able to handle it and still be respectful. I think like with cost. The this happening in a vacuum. It goes both ways with us. The cost is is there's oceans and oceans between Jim Acosta and Jake, tapper Anderson Cooper and wolf Blitzer. And there's a ton of people at CNN that are really good and Jim Acosta is is known grandstand. Or he's out there all the time trying to make himself into a big deal..

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