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We embrace mindset for life is a podcast that we use to explore thinkings attitudes and habits that lead to how we behave and ultimately who we become. I love the mind set for life. Podcast because you and i we get to talk about these very things that many of us have allowed to hold ourselves back for years and years and yet they don't really have to. The real obstacles are inside and becoming the better version of ourselves or the best version of ourselves means that we shed light on what holds us back and we push it out of the way and we pave a new path. I'd like to give you this little analogy. I heard by a man who has a website called brain bydesign. It's very intelligent and wonderful stuff and highly encourage you to check out his website and his workshops. This idea is that your brain has these highways where information is communicated if you look at the highway it's really just like a highway you would see out in the world. There are many lanes for the big mac truck to drive down that highway..

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