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Highest since two thousand fourteen a murder suicide in warwick rhode island apparently stemmed from a roommate dispute police say it appears that joseph schlink shot donna dutton in the head and then took his own life schlink had rented the home and took in dutton to help him make ends meet but the two simply did not get along according to police records officers had responded to disturbances at that home twice in march a man who confessed on facebook to a double murder in tennessee has now been found dead himself the body of casey law horn was found in a wooded area near vosper mississippi he apparently shot and killed himself the twenty three year old man was being sought for the sunday morning shooting deaths of his mother and his best friend at his home in east ridge tennessee just outside chattanooga police say law horn called them after he type to one thousand word message he posted on facebook saying he was fed up with his mother and friend and decided to murder them jim chris cillizza b new it's a twelve year prison sentence for a socalled miami cocaine cowboy who smuggled drugs for colombian cartels back in the nineteen eighties lawyers for seventy two year old mickey monday at unsuccessfully argued for a lesser sentence this time monday gets time for his role in a stolen car ring evidence showed he transported and then hid stolen vehicles much like his work with the cartels decades ago for which he served in earlier prison sentence is penmanship dead an effort to transcribe historical documents is running into trouble because volunteers are having trouble themselves reading words that are not tight at the huntington library in san marino county a digital librarian transcribing civil war documents noticed something when he enlisted volunteers to help his younger helpers couldn't read cursive the librarian tells the christian science monitor it's one of the most amazing things quote we have a younger generation that cannot read handwriting and quotes perhaps this is why this year some school districts have been trying to bring back pens and paper fourteen states now have laws requiring proficiency in cursive scott goldberg abc news was thinking about running.

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