Joe Biden, Brennan Emily, Republicans discussed on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell


About this race before she passed away. We've talked about the fact that our relationship with JOE AND OUR DIFFERENCES GRANDSON. Who's working in another campaign and we told him to be comfortable in what he was doing and we would support what he was doing. But in all probability will be voting for a different person. And so I thought it was important for me. Brennan Emily into the conversations. Because you're correct. If she were here she would have been standing with me and she would have been. She wouldn't have said a word but you could tell from her look and the way she would embrace joe what she was feeling so this day was as much for as was for how children and our grandchildren. Carson There there's a new ad out in South Carolina put out by the trump campaign a trump super PAC Using audio of Barack Obama that they have stolen from the audio recording of his old book. And they're trying to use sound from that book as if it was directed as a negative comment about Joe Biden. Did you expect this kind of really crazy last minute? Advertising against Joe Biden from Republicans in South Carolina. Well let me be clear. My father and mother were Republicans. My father believed in the Party of Lincoln..

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