David Naughton Dr Pepper, Disney, Nick Khandan discussed on Mt. Rushmore Podcast


See could just get like kids. Barely being able to talk. Can you imagine that they actually advertise Bologna in the seventies? That's something that people try to get you to actually want to buy it. These people they understood Baloney. There's no like block cheese jingle my sister-in-law. Gm mentioned two things that you did the two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame and pepper. Euro pepper. The David Naughton Dr Pepper Commercial. Jackie nukem other sister-in-law the Rocky Point Park TV commercial. I think that must be. That's gotTa be regional thing. But I just kind of want to play it just I love regional things because they don't spokespeople often have a dialect from that region. Yes so that's always rates preempted by Disney Porsche. What region brought to you by Disney plus? Oh It's a theme park June Pointer. No that's not doing liar. Peg Benetton Pats yes. Yeah Nick Khandan skip it toy commercial. I'm not gonNA play these Brad McDonald juicy fruit. Tv Ad because water skiing and girls in bikinis chewing gum juicy fruit juices. Good move.

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