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Finally let's get a landry shamet on the court shooting. How long that yeah. Yeah sh sham. It was like you know the three point specialist in la but the other four guys can actually play ball joe harris basketball player not just the shooter and the three other guys are hall of famers meantime. What i'm what i'm flipping back and forth and the sixers of the team that impressed 'em bead has been. He has lost his mind. He's like in this in this small ball era. He combines a lot of those skills with some classic big man skills guys like tyson and who else was trying to guard and they're just not big enough. They can't do it. You double or triple m. you're going to send them to the line and on defense. He's been great defensively this year. He's my mvp. So far your thoughts on the sixers and mbeadh well. Embiid has been absolutely phenomenal. It's not just the workload that he's accepted and it's that he's been land. Disley efficient just outrageous. You know he's getting to the line he's making shots. They're shooting three. I i mean he's doing everything you can ask on offense and Caring you know a significant burden while doing that. But i just look at your point. Before about the changing demographics of the league that changing prototypes. And this is why basketball is fascinating to me because we can shift toward small ball. And then you're like wait a minute we have to put tristan thompson on joel embiid and we have to it in. Joel how what are we supposed to do. And you know there's they got nothing for him. Defensively no nothing. Nothing at all and you know a couple of years ago. They had horford. And aren't they right to have let horford walks of. Yeah yeah that makes sense but that was really their their life preserver against someone like joel. Embiid horford aid is launching. The pilot horford was great defensively on in the playoffs. But these guys and horford a special case at least back then these guys. We'll have nothing for him and he's getting to the line and he's hitting his free throws and even hit a three. I mean not even here. He'll hit three from time to time. He he's really been the total package. The roster looks deep and good ben. Simmons has not yet been ben. Simmons your thoughts. I think we're gonna talk about his struggles. We have to the surface. It's for him. It's really been scoring the ball at the efficiency that we're used to seeing from him you know he was a fifty percent shooter last season top ten the nba You know from the floor and this year it's about fifty percent so that's that's a cute declined but it's still fifty percents from the floor I think the rest of the game has been you know excellent. He's you leaders in a fifth in rebounds steals A ton for him. He's shooting better from the line modestly. Which is already a strong suit for him. But i gotta say you know. I think it's worth mentioning. This guy hurt his back without for basically the entire year from february or came back into bubble hurt. His knee had knee surgery. She played like two games. Two and a half real games in the last eleven months before the beginning of the season and includes knee surgery so like i'm only worried about lasting ramifications of that surgery. I'm not worried about mental stuff. I'm not worried about his slow start to me. It's just like hopefully this is rust. And it's not that he will have to deal with you know down the line. We're gonna hit a commercial break. Pretty since i want to get. This in the lakers. Have the box. But what i'm interested in is how you think they match up with the nets right now. It looks like oh the lakers are well oiled machine and they just want a championship and if anything they got better and they can play defense. The nets were this wild experiment as you said and yet if the nets get to the finals they're going to have three guys who can get their own shots on absurd level like historically great level and convert them very efficiently and if they're playing together by then and assuming they pick up another defensive piece to me it's a real interesting matchup. What are your thoughts. I still think you have to be passable. Defensively win a title. You know because you're gonna have games when you should poorly the other teams poorly and it's like. Are you getting easy. Buckets or not i i. I really love what the nets are are thinking about. And maybe it's a consequence of the situation. Know they may have used that ammunition for for trading or a guy who better connective tissue a better defensive player a big man and this just how things shook out but i i don't see them being a threat to the lakers and the less they can middling on defense but i'd love to be proven wrong because it it. It flouts convention. I love that idea of saying. We can be so good on offense terrible on the title ben dietrich ladies and gentlemen the a lot of jobs ringer in the new york times and cookies hooping hoops summit in grantland. Ben come back. it's been too long. Then you had a couple of times. He took a hiatus for like months. Don't be a stranger. what would you know. I'll come back on and you're right about there. It is then dietrich. Ladies and gentlemen i liked by the way i like simmons even with them bead. I think simmons maybe might be better off with his own team but as the freak got his own team but obviously the very good together. And if simmons gets his form back maybe it's the sixers and not the nets who come out of the east. Stephen a smith goes beyond the headlines to unlock a.

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